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Valentine's cards

Valentine’s day… The celebration of love between two people (Well could be more but that gets a little weird) is celebrated on February 14th of every year. This season is widely celebrated across the globe, with millions of couples showing their romantic side for the big day.

Valentine’s cards are still a massive tradition when it comes to Valentine’s day itself. Sending Valentine’s cards partners with a loving gift & possibly a date night for your other half. You could probably compare this day with how you would celebrate an anniversary. Date, card, gift & most probably sex…

With this day being celebrated around the world, it can quite often become quite a bad day for the single people out there. Well, what is there to do whilst everyone is all loved up? Nothing! You are going to have to sit in your bedroom with a glass and cry whilst watching some terrible sitcom.

But not all is to be lost, you can always go out for a meal or go and watch a movie or something? On your own! Whilst everyone is coupled up enjoying the romantic time…

Anyway, back to Valentine’s day cards. With Valentine’s day being a very romantic & mushy type of celebration. A lot of people tend to think that their only option are those cute Valentine’s cards with all the pretty wording & illustrations on but that isn’t the case.

Valentine’s cards can be very flexible although we suggest that if your other half is wanting something cute and romantic, we’d probably advise that you stay away from the ruder & funny Valentine’s cards. The good thing about shopping with us at Creased, we have a wide variety of many different Valentine’s styles that can perfectly suit your loved one.

Why don’t we start with the cute & romantic cards we do at Creased?

These Valentine’s cards are fitting for the occasion being designed with beautiful illustrations & including some of the most loving wording you will be able to find on a cute Valentine’s card.

Here at Creased, we get many stunning designs that could suit either a man or woman. With male & female specific also on our shelves this gives us a flexible variety to suit your loved one this Valentine’s day.

Although beautiful words & stunning illustrations sometimes make an amazing card, it is really what you write inside which will make them feel the most special. This is where you must personalise what you are to say and make it specific to your other half. Basically, you’ve got to pour your heart out a little bit… if that’s the kind of thing you are going for.

If you are a bit like us and don’t really like all that soft and mushy style of Valentine’s cards, then maybe you should go try out a funny Valentine’s card.

When is there ever a bad time to give a funny Valentine’s card? Never? Well maybe if someone is dying then steer clear but apart from that, everyone enjoys a good laugh.

Although most people put down the idea of sending a funny card on Valentine’s day, we think It is easily the best option for your loved one. Each of our funny Valentine’s cards are designed by our huge range of unique suppliers who come up with brilliant ideas & therefore bring you the laughs this Valentine's.

Funny Valentine’s cards come in many different forms. They could be offensive (head to rude Valentine’s card to hear more), sexual, filled with puns or maybe a funny image. We will definitely have something that you & your loved one will giggle at.

Buying your loved one a relatable card is always the best option for Valentine’s day & many of our funny cards will give you that. If you fancy being a little naughty this Valentine’s, then we would definitely suggest our sexual Valentine’s cards…

Sexual Valentine’s cards are brilliant. Not only will they make your other half laugh but they may also help you say something that you feel is too awkward to say out loud. These Valentine’s cards may also help you get some action over Valentine’s.

Our sexual Valentine’s cards ease you into the concept of rude Valentine’s cards… You may be wondering why on earth you would want to send a rude valentine’s card on such a special day? The answer would have to be that you have a brilliant sense of humour & love a good laugh. Your loved one must also know how to take a joke too.

Rude Valentine’s cards come in many different styles… You could have a very sexual card or something with a few rude words on or maybe you just want to be a little offensive. Be careful with the offensive cards, everything can be deemed offensive nowadays.

A large majority of our Valentine’s cards can be for either gender, but we do also stock specific cards for each gender or relationship status. We have a lovely range of Valentine’s cards for husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend and many more. Unfortunately, we don’t do any Valentine’s cards for you single people.

Are you in the wrong place? Wanted funny greeting cards instead? That's probably your fault, not ours but hey ho, head over to our funny greeting cards to view funny cards for all occasions.


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