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Rude Valentine’s cards

As you may already know, Valentine's day is on Thursday, February 14th, 2019. This season is widely celebrated across the globe with millions of loving couples celebrating through special dates, Valentine’s cards & gifts.

Funny Valentine’s cards are good for your loved one, but have you ever considered going in a bit deeper to find something that little bit funnier, in a possibly rude way? You’re probably wondering why you would lean towards a Rude Valentine’s day card? Well, when making jokes with your other half, how often are they sexual or including rude language?

You will probably find that a large portion of humour between your relationship comes from those sources. So why not transfer this over to one of our hilariously rude Valentine’s cards?

The lovely thing about buying your other half a Rude Valentine’s card is that it most definitely won’t be all soft and mushy. Instead, you can take a pick from hilariously sexual, offensive or cheeky valentine’s cards. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be a soft time of year. Let’s bring the laughter & blushes…

Rude Valentine’s cards for him

Men can be very easy to buy for when choosing Valentine’s cards. They often prefer to not receive a card that is all fluffy and wet. Lads like a good laugh when receiving cards. Although if they would prefer something sweet & cute then make sure you check out our cute valentines’ cards instead.

Luckily for you, we have a wide range of rude Valentine’s cards for him that are perfectly directed towards Boyfriends & Husbands that will be sure to get them Creasing with laughter… Do you see what we did there? Creased – Creasing? Good wasn’t it?

We find gay valentine’s cards are way too difficult to find. We were quite fed up of the long searches. So, we decided to find some of the very best from around the country & put them all in one place. Now, if you would like a gay-specific rude Valentine’s card then you can find them at Creased Cards.

Rude Valentine’s cards for her

Typically, most women prefer to receive something beautiful & loving for Valentine’s and your other half may still want that so make sure you know them inside out. Before putting yourself in the doghouse when sending a rude valentine’s card…

At Creased we do a wide range of Valentine’s cards for her that include an array of naughty jokes and offensive language. Obviously, we don’t want any arguments created from one of our cards, so we have managed to keep them fairly acceptable.

As well as stocking a brilliant range of gay Valentine’s cards. We also stock a nice variety of funny lesbian cards too! This means you can spread Valentine's laughter with your other half in a more specific and special way.

Rude Valentine's Day Cards

All our rude valentine's cards come from a wide range of local & UK wide suppliers. Each supplier has their own type of humour which is specific to their cards. This gives us a brilliant selection of unique valentine's cards that you won't be able to find elsewhere.

This Valentine's day we thought we would help you out as much as we possibly can. We have a few brilliant articles out that can really help with your Valentines issues, Including 10 really rude Valentine’s cards!

If you are struggling with what to write in your valentines card this year, then make you check out our post to help you out. We are out to help spread love this Valentine’s!

Here a couple of our favourite rude cards for Valentine's Day

Not giving you a blowie - rude Valentine's card

This is what we are talking about when we say sexual... This card from buddy Fernandez bluntly puts down your loved ones hope for the day. You can find "Not giving you a blowie" over on our website along with the rest of our Valentine's cards.

happy Valentine's you sexy bitch - rude Valentine's day card

This is one of our funny Valentine's cards that features some rather rude language. P.S. try not to offend your loved one with this card. We don't want any breakups on our hands... You can find "you sexy bitch" over on our website.

Any chance of anal? #happyvalentines - rude Valentine's card

We will end of our little teaser with this sexual Valentine's card... There is no harm in asking? Find "Any chance of anal" over on our Valentine's card catergory.

If these rude Valentine’s cards are a little too much for you, then you can always go and check out our funny Valentines cards for a more innocent humour. This may be a better option if your loved one is prone to getting offended at small jokes.

Are you in the wrong place? Wanted rude greeting cards or Adult cards instead? That's probably your fault not ours but hey ho, head over to our rude greeting cards to view rude cards for all occasions.


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