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Funny Birthday Cards

Are you bored of the same old generic Happy Birthday cards? We are too! Everyone seems to receive the same old "Happy Birthday" message on the front of their card. If you feel the same way then you need to switch up your Birthday card online buying. Switch it up so that your recipient is in bundles of laughter instead of replying a simple "thank you" because that's not enough.

You need to start purchasing your friends & family humorous birthday cards! The feeling you get when seeing your friend or member of family cracking up with laughter after reading the front of their card is a different type of feeling! The only risk with purchasing funny Happy Birthday cards is hoping that they actually like it. You have got to hope they find the Birthday card funny...

When scrolling down our Happy birthday cards category, you will realise the heaps of laughter we provide with our Birthday cards. We currently stock over 225 different styles ready for your giggles... All of these Birthday cards can be perfect for a wide range of different ages with none of them being age specific. If you would prefer to take a look at our funny milestone birthday cards then keep reading for more information.

Humorous Milestone Birthday Cards

Have you got friends or family that are approaching a Milestone Birthday? Or maybe you are a cruel human and just enjoy reminding them of their age? Either way, you will love our massive range of funny milestone birthday cards.

Do you struggle to find funny birthday cards for kids? Unfortunately, it seems to be quite a hard task. Until you check out our kids birthday cards... We have Birthday cards for kids that they will definitely have a giggle at!

18 Birthday cards & 21st Birthday cards are the perfect ages to start increasing the amount of humour within the cards you buy. We have a brilliant range of funny 18th birthday cards & 21 birthday cardss]( ready to introduce them to adulthood.

Between the ages of 30 & 60 really seems to be a timescale where people start getting insulted by knowing their own age... We have a brilliant 30th Birthday card that perfectly describes how it feels to be turning 30, not having succeeded enough and friends getting married & having kids. You can check this card out below! Don't threat, our 40th birthday cards, 50 birthday cards & 60th birthday cards also feature hilarious humour ready to be sent out! If you're buying a funny birthday card for the real oldies then make sure you check out our older category.

Funny Birthday cards for Family Members

Family members... They really do get on your nerves sometimes but we all love them (well some). We have some great humorous birthday cards for the female members of your family. This includes funny birthday cards for mum, sister, daughter, Grandma & Auntie! Don't worry though, we won't be leaving out the lads of the family. We also stock huge ranges of humorous birthday cards for Dad, Brother, Son, Grandpa & Uncles...

Here are a couple of our funniest Birthday cards

40? at least you still have your hair - funny 40th birthday card Make birthdays great again - funny birthday card

To find these hilarious birthday cards you can follow the links for each card. 40? at least you still have hair - funny 40th birthday card or Making Birthdays Great Again - Funny Birthday Card

In a recent Creased blog, we listed some of our funniest birthday cards on our website. If you'd like to see some of our personal favourite humorous Birthday cards then make sure to check it out!

If these funny Birthday cards are a little too innocent for you then you can always head over to our Rude birthday cards. This category features much more despicable & offensive language so be warned.


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