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18th Birthday Cards

You have a family member or friend coming up to their 18th birthday... Just because they are of a rebellious age & just entering adulthood (well like to think they are) doesn't mean they deserve an 18th Birthday card any less.

In fact, we believe that someone turning 18 is even more of a reason to buy them a happy birthday card. Why? Because this age is probably the most celebrated age out of them all! (apart from maybe the 21st)... Being 18 means so many things, they can do everything they have been doing for years, legally!

For example, When someone turns 18, it means; purchasing as much alcohol as possible, clubbing, tattoos etc. It really is a life changing age. Anyway back to how they celebrate... 18th house parties and massive clubbing nights all to celebrate turning 18. If you are included in the celebrations then it's a must to buy your recipient an 18th Birthday card. Even if you aren't involved... Maybe you are a family member or just too old to be out on the piss... You still need to grab an eighteen birthday card!

Eighteen Birthday Cards

18-year-olds don't want a typically boring birthday card? They want something fresh, funny or unique! We have what you need. We have a wide range of funny 18th birthday card sure to get your recipient giggling. Be warned a lot of these cards do revolve around alcohol... But if these funny 18th birthday cards seem too innocent for your recipient then maybe you should switch on the "Rude cards" filter along the side panel. This will show some of the most despicable & offensive cards on the web.

Remember, Not all of our eighteen Birthday cards are funny & rude. We also stock a lovely range of unique birthday cards for 18-year-olds. You can have a snoop through our wide selection over on our website.

Here is our favourite 18th Birthday card

Trying to convince people you are a mature adult - 18th birthday card

This is one of our most popular 18 Birthday cards! It perfectly resembles what it is like to turn 18. Thinking you are on top of the world until your parents still constantly shut you down. You can find this card right now over on our website!

If you would prefer a birthday card that isn't completely revolved around turning 18 then we have loads of general birthday cards & funny cards for any occasion


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