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Loyalty Scheme - Spend & Earn

Loyalty Scheme - Spend & Earn


If our mahoosive range of brilliantly different cards still hasn't had you adding items to your virtual basket, our spend & save loyalty scheme might entice you. Because who doesn't want to earn money whilst they shop?

We have levelled up our loyalty points sytems to wave goodbye to paper vouchers - it's all digital now. So, no more lost vouchers or paper reciepts that have been through the washing machine! Now you can log into your personal account and see exactly how many loyalty points you have collected.

We have developed our own e-wallet system to make it even easier to rack up money to spend on any Creased purchase. And if you want to spend you loyalty points physically in our Brighton store, that's no problem either. If you visit the Creased store in person, you can still spend using your e-wallet balance there too.

Our e-wallet system, will automatically allow you to spend your loyalty points as soon as you reach the magic 500 mark. 500 loyalty points is worth £5.00, and so on.

It's really simple, the more you spend, the more you save - imagine your e-wallet bulging with your very own Creased Coins, ready to be spent on our webstore and instore. For those customers that already had existing loyalty points on our old system, don't worry, they have been carried over as of 08.04.2021.