Wildlife Day

Something a little different today. You’re probably wondering what’s involved when you see the header “Wildlife”? No, it’s not the popular Brighton Festival and no, unfortunately, we won’t be hiring Sir David Attenborough (Although we are open to collaborate Mr Attenborough 😉).

So, our blog today is a little different from the hilariously rude and despicable content we usually post. Instead… We are going to be focusing on some of our beautiful Animal and Wildlife cards that we stock. As it is International Wildlife day (September 4th).

Before we get into some of our stunning cards, we will give you a quick run down on what Wildlife day is about.

Wildlife day began after the death of the late Steve Irwin (Who died on September 4th,  2006). This lead to a day created for the wildlife that Steve Irwin dedicated his whole career too. Steve Irwin spent his whole life caring animals no matter how dangerous. He also dedicated a huge amount of his time and into aid and awareness for the many endangered species across the world.

So, this day has been created to raise awareness for endangered species and to make sure they are still here for generations to come.

So, we’re going to celebrate Wildlife day in Creased Cards style (With a little help from our publishing friends ICON) …

Alfie The Orangutan greeting card - cute animal card

This is Alfie the Orangutan; this cute little monkey is a superb animal card from our publishing friends over at ICON. This is from their “Buddies range”. Interesting fact about the orangutan is that their arms stretch out longer than their bodies – up to 8 ft!

Two Meerkats greeting card - Cute animal card

This isn’t quite comparethemeerkat.com but this is another endearing animal card from ICON. The ultra-high-quality photographic image is pleasurable to the eye and a must receive card for an animal lover. A fun fact about meerkats is that meerkats can distinguish between the calls of different members of their clan just like humans do with our voices.

Harvey the Gorilla greeting card - Cute animal card

What do you get when you mix a Gorilla with a prisoner? A Kong-vict! Luckily for you, we don’t have a Gorilla prisoner on one of our cards. Instead, ICON have provided a stunning photographic image of “Harvey The Gorilla”.  A very interesting fact to accompany this animal card is that Gorillas share between 95%-98% of a human’s DNA!

Sasha The Lion Cub - cute animal card

The lion king… Baby animals always make amazing cards because they are just so cute! This is the last one of our cute animal cards and we have another fun fact for you. A lion’s roar can be heard from up to 5 miles away! This is the loudest roar by any big cat.

There you have it. A selection of our wonderful animal cards that can suit absolutely any occasion! From birthday’s, congratulations and good luck, who wouldn’t want to be greeted by one of these charming animals? We want to give a huge shout out to ICON for providing us with some of the best animal cards on the web!

We love animal cards here at Creased because they are the perfect choice for kids and animal lovers. We have a massive range of Cute and photographic cards over on our website so go and have a scroll!