Why you should buy your Christmas cards early!

We know, you’re going to be wondering why we’re talking about Christmas cards at the beginning of September. Well…. We will start seeing our Christmas cards arrive shortly and we’re also expecting to have them out in store towards October!

You may consider this early but unlike some card stores (who put them out in August/September). We don’t want to shove Christmas into your face too prematurely…

Although, in today’s blog, we are going to talk about why you should jump on the opportunity of buying Christmas cards early this year.

  1. Making sure you get the very best.

This is probably the most important reason to be buying cards early this year. With hundreds of brilliant designs coming in. The ‘cream of the crop’ is going to sell extremely fast.

You don’t want to be known as that person who always gives the worst and most boring Christmas cards? Get on the scene early and snap up some of our very best designs from a selection of suppliers.

Some good ways to stay updated on the new stuff we have coming in (especially Christmas stuff) would be to sign up to our mailing list! You will get an email immediately when our best Christmas cards will be coming in so that you don’t miss out on anything. Sign up to the Newsletter HERE. If you have signed up already, make sure you keep an eye out for some amazing offers, news and updates about Creased Cards.

Christ, Is it Christmas Already - Funny Christmas Card
  1. Planning your money

With money being put to every resource during the Christmas season with all the extra parties, presents and food to buy. You may wonder what this has to do with Christmas cards though…

Well considering we will be getting our Christmas cards in early(ish). This means you can buy now so that you don’t’ have to worry about having any spare money for cards nearer to the time.

From late November into December is when most people are out rushing around trying to get everything together for the big day. Buy your Christmas cards early and that’s one less worry on your list and one less long queue to stand in for a small eternity.

  1. Getting them to people in time for the 25th

Nothing worse than getting your Christmas Present/Card late (not being inconsiderate) but it just doesn’t quite feel the same! Let’s face it after the big day the last thing anyone wants is Christmas being dragged out any longer.

Make sure you get all those cards purchased, written and in the post in time for Christmas… Obviously, you have a long time to go but its better certain than sorry. Check out Royal Mails last post times over the Festive period HERE

If you do leave it too late to buy, then post or you’re just lazy. We have our super-fast handwritten card service which you can apply to whatever card you would like! Read more about it HERE

So you have taken time to read about our reasons why you should be purchasing your Christmas Cards early this year. You can check out some of our Christmas cards currently on our site or you can wait until mid to late October for when all the new and exciting Christmas stuff will start to roll in.

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