Why you should be unique with your Wedding card choice

We get it, Weddings are supposed to be romantic and beautiful, with all the beautiful dresses & extravagant decorations it really becomes a gorgeous event.

Like most people, we find the actual wedding extremely boring. It’s too romantic and you always have a few family members tearing up. For a reason we will never know…

We would much rather speed through the wedding so we can get to the wedding party. Which only means one thing? Lots of alcohol.

If you can relate to any of the text above, then you must be a lot like us? We’re not massive fans of anything too romantic. We much prefer the humorous route.

Which means… Funny wedding cards!

Unless you have browsed our shelves before, you probably still grab a very generic wedding card from your local supermarket.


We are going to show you how to add humour to your wedding cards so that you can get the loving couple giggling on their big day.   

We believe that humour can be perfect for any couples you know. Everyone loves a good laugh. Just make sure you don’t make a dodgy joke which could ruin their big day.

Well start off with our 1st funny wedding card…

1. Sit in the corner – Wedding card

All single and shit - rude wedding card

This wedding card from Pheasant Plucker is the ideal wedding card if you are close friends with the soon to be weds.

Perfect if you are single and used to 3rd wheel the loving couple. We are very sure there are a lot of you out there who can relate to that?

Don’t worry though, you will find love! Or not but how can we know? Just keep up the search and one day you will be the one getting married. 

2. Tie the knot – Funny Wedding Card

Tie the knot - funny wedding card including real length of string

Interesting fact for you here – The phrase “tie the knot” actually dates right back to ancient Celtic times. This phrase was created due to Celtic wedding ceremonies where the couple would literally be tied together by their hair by tying two pieces of cloth together. Therefore, two become one.

We bet you never knew that.

This card from Quite good cards takes the saying literally, including a real length of string within the card.

3. You two weirdos were made for each other

You two weirdos were made for each other

 We all have a few weird friends who we thought would never find a loved one just because they are so strange! But when they do manage to find someone that can put up with them, they are usually just as weird.

This is great for them… two weirdos together are a match made in heaven.

This funny wedding card will certainly fit a few couples you know!

4. We would’ve got you a nicer card

Wouldve got your a nicer card - funny wedding card

This goes back to what we were saying at the beginning of this blog. Who even enjoys the wedding itself? It’s all about the after party!

But if you are someone who would expect an invite to the wedding but doesn’t get one. This could be the perfect card for you.

The best way to show your pettiness for not being invited is through this card. At least then you can pretend it was a joke…

5. Wedding day puns

Happy wedding day - wedding puns card

Puns are like dad jokes. We find all of them funny, but they are also very groan worthy. You just don’t want to laugh.

Figuring out the right wordplay to get someone giggling with a pun can be a tricky task. There is actually a science behind it…

This card is brought together by the wonderful Jelly armchair who are known for having the very best pun related cards!

6. Naughty Honey Moon

Naughty honeymoon - rude wedding card

This is what honeymoons are for aren’t they?

It’s none of our business what you hope to get up to on your honeymoon, but we just hope you have a lot of FUN! Make sure you stay safe… don’t want any unexpected children on the way.

We found this wonderful list of the best honeymoon destinations to make sure you are getting the most out of your fun.

All these cards above suit every type of couple. Some of them you may have to be a little careful with to not make things awkward, but we are sure it would crack a smile out of anyone on their wedding day.

Although these cards could suit LGBTQ couples, we thought we would throw in a couple of specific cards for you.

7. One cock in the room – Gay wedding card

i can only deal with one cock in the room - gay wedding card

The Sweary Card Company never disapoint with their rude cards. This could be perfect for a gay couple that you know.

Due to it’s rude nature, we think you should choose wisely, the couple you give this too.

8. May you both not have your period – Lesbian Wedding card

May you both not have your period - lesbian weding card

Beware, this card may jinx things for the newlyweds…

We are sure this is the one thing they won’t want when jetting off to their beautiful honeymoon.

Although it would not be funny for the couple, it could be hilarious for the person sending this card.

That brings us to the end of our list of funny wedding cards. We hope now can avoid the soft wedding cards that everyone else will be getting the couple.

Be unique, stand out with some of the funniest wedding cards on the web.

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