What to write in a new home card?

Moving into a new home can be a daunting but also the most exciting thing at the same time. Whether your recipient is a first time buyer or just moving into a new home. It’s important to let them know you’re there during this stressful period.

We’d tend to go with something funny when looking for a housewarming card, whilst going for something actually helpful for the gift is very important. There are plenty of ideas you could find on the internet on good housewarming gifts, but if you know the recipient well then you should know that they need to replace their 10 pub glasses for some nice ones. 

Once you have sorted a gift, we’d move on to finding something funny or sweet for the new home card. Finding the words to include within this card is usually the tough part. 

There are many different ways you can go about writing a new home / housewarming message. You could remind them of the stresses of owning / renting a home in the most sarcastic way possible or simply congratulate them on such a big accomplishment. 

Below we have listed over 80 things to write in a new home card, so you don’t have to scratch your head when trying to think of what to write in your new home card.

If you know what your recipient will like, go straight to a section of your choice using the links below:

Simple new home messages

We’ll start with some simple new home messages. These are helpful when you are writing in a card for someone you don’t know too well. Don’t worry though, we aren’t going to list off housewarming messages that are so simple that you’ll be bored.  

  • Congratulations on your new home! I can’t wait to see it,
  • Who has a new home?! You do!
  • The memories you will make in your first home will last a lifetime!
  • Congrats! You’re officially proper grown-ups now.
  • Welcome to the mortgage club!
  • Who has a new home?! You do! Congratulations, and I can’t wait to visit.
  • Sending new home wishes to you and the family!
  • Good luck with the new home and the new beginning that come with it
  • Put your feet up and enjoy your beautiful new home. It’s unpacking time!
  • Congratulations on your new home! So happy for you!
  • New country. New home. New adventures. New memories.
  • Welcome to the neighbourhood! We hope you love it here.
  • Congratulations on your new home… here’s hoping for good neighbours.
  • You finally did it! So happy for you both.
  • Happy New Home – Happy Unstacking! Happy Unpacking! Happy New Home!
  • All the best settling in
  • Here’s to making your new place all your own
  • Have fun unpacking all of those boxes
  • Wishing you the very best in your new home!
  • Congratulations on your new home. Wishing you all the very best in settling in and making it your own.
  • We can’t wait to pop round for a cuppa and visit you all.
Family moving into a new home

Thoughtful moving house messages

Buying or renting a new home is a big deal, especially in today’s market. Your recipient should be proud of continuing or starting their life living in their own property. Congratulating them on this impressive accomplishment should be a priority when writing in your new home card. 

  • Wishing you all the best settling in. If you need any help, please let us know.
  • We are so proud of you for moving into your new home. 
  • May your new home be a foundation for many happy memories.
  • Congratulations on the new home, to new memories and a happy family
  • There is no place like home! Congratulations on your move!
  • Congratulations! May the years to come bring you plenty of love and happiness
  • May your new house always feel like home. Congratulations on this huge milestone!
  • May happiness & love move in with you and you create countless memories in your new home.
  • You finally made it! Wishing you all the warmth and happiness for you in your new home.
  • New beginnings. New memories, New home. Congratulations!

New home messages for first time buyers

This section is a bit more dedicated to a group of people who are purchasing their first home. Entering the property ladder as soon as you can is a goal for most people in their life, this therefore is a huge accomplishment for whenever you manage to reach this. This list features a mix of messages from funny, thoughtful and rude, just because buying a new house can include a variety of emotions.

  • Congrats for buying the only house you could afford
  • You’ve finally moved out of your parents house?
  • Well done – you made it on the property ladder.
  • Congratulations on your move! Here’s to hoping you really love your new home since you’ll be paying for it for the next 30 years.
  • I bet your parents are celebrating?
  • A wonderful new place to call your own. We’re so incredibly proud of you.
  • Congratulations on your first home. Despite your outstanding debt, I bet you’re happy?
  • Freedom! It’s time to be an adult
  • You will never forget your first home, there are lots of memories to be had.
  • Now you’re finally an adult, what’s next? A kid? A dog? 
Couple painting a new home

Funny new home messages

If you have read our blog posts or scoured our website for cards before, you’d know, we pretty much pride ourselves on everything funny (or rude). We are building out a whole section of the site dedicated to our favourite jokes and if you have ever been in our shop you’d notice the giggles as soon as you walk in with our funny cards.

Therefore, this puts us in a strong position to bring you some of the funniest new home messages you will find on the internet. You will never have to wonder what to write in a new home card ever again.

  • Well done on moving house… please send me your Wi-Fi password in advance. Thanks.
  • I can’t wait to stay over and mess up your lovely new house
  • You’re home! Please let your new neighbours know that I send my condolences.
  • Let’s hope your new neighbours aren’t weirdos
  • Thanks for moving far enough away I don’t have to feel guilty about not visiting.
  • Congrats for buying the only house you could afford
  • When are you hosting a housewarming party then? Congrats though!
  • I bet your parents must be celebrating!
  • Congrats on the new home, let me know which room is mine.
  • Congrats for spending your whole life savings
  • Up to your eyes in debt, have no savings but hey here’s a housewarming card
  • Congrats on your home, not like I’m jealous or anything
  • I know where you live
  • Congrats on the new home, let me know which room is mine.
  • May your new house look just like what you’d planned on Pinterest
  • No, I’m not helping you unpack…
  • Try not to scare off the neighbours
  • Just because you have a mortgage, doesn’t mean you’re grown up. 
  • I don’t want to see a “Home” Instagram account. No one cares!
  • So when can I move in?!
  • You’ve become an adult? It’s a shame you have so much responsibility now..
  • Hope your new home is lovely…. Because you’ll never be able to afford to go out again.
  • So next thing is kids right?
  • So did you hear about the murder that occurred at your house 20 years ago?
  • Say goodbye to any holidays you had planned
  • Congrats on moving in together. Remember living together is mainly just shouting “what!?” from different rooms.

Rude new home messages

This next section is unlikely to suit all of your recipients, we’d usually give a warning that these rude messages should be included at your own discretion. 

Rude new home messages should typically only be used for someone you know well, you already know their reaction and they will let out some laughter when reading it. You should include these rude messages within one of our rude cards!

  • So this is where you’ll be doing your shagging from now on?
  • Can’t wait to ‘Netflix and chill’ at your new pad.
  • #newhousedickhead
  • Congrats for buying a place, don’t bother posting it all over instagram because nobody gives a shit
  • New environment for Netflix and Chill?
  • Your old place was a dump. Try not to fuck this one up
  • New house, same ugly cunt
  • Bachelor pad? Shagtastic
  • When can I come over? I must try out the toilet…
  • Now you can wank wherever you want

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