Top tips for treating your mum on Mother’s Day

The day has come! The time of year to show your beloved life-giver how much they mean to you. Except, you forgot, didn’t you? And you’ve woken up to see endless Facebook posts and Instagram stories showing everyone else bestowing gifts on their mother’s. A half-hearted text may have sufficed last year but it just won’t do for the second year on the trot. So here we are, reminding you that you have until the 31’ST MARCH when you must remember to do it right this Mother’s Day.

Whether you live close to your mum or in an entirely different continent, knowing that you’ll make her smile is priceless. So, we at Creased have curated an extensive and detailed list of the best ways to treat your mum this Mothering Sunday.

Splashing the cash

So, if you usually go all out for Mother’s Day or happen to have a little extra cash spare this year, here’s a few ways you could show mother dearest some real indulgence.

  1. Book a surprise holiday! There’s still plenty of time, and if your mum likes to travel then why not take her somewhere new and exciting this March, or even as a surprise for later in the year to give her something to look forward to.
  2. A flashy expensive meal is always a favourite. Figure out what her current craving is and enjoy being wined and dined all evening.
  3. Jewellery may seem cliché but when has anyone ever refused something pretty and sparkly? Go for classic’s like Pandora or Swarovski to show your mum she sparkles like a gem. Or alternatively, try some indie jewellery shops, places like our hometowns lanes and central London have tones of unqiue gorgeous pieces sure to wow any woman.
  4. Experience days are all the rage at the moment and Groupon and Virgin Experience days are just a few amongst the tonnes of websites full to the brim with weird and wacky ideas for every type of mum. Want a hot air balloon ride? A sushi making class? A racing car trial?  Musical tickets? They really do have it all.
  5. Almost every mother is under stress all year round so a spa day may be the perfect way to turn that all around. The options are endless and able to be specially tailored too, you could stay for a weekend or just pop in for the day. There are numerous treatments available too and amazing facilities. Again, many of these can be found on places like Groupon and Wowcher but we also love big brand spa Champneys, renowned for their energising treatments and health benefits, encouraging relaxing forms of exercise and talks they have some great packages, so why not treat mum (and yourself- many of these packages are for two!) to a couple days of zen.
How to treat your mum on Mother's Day

Budget ideas

But don’t worry, we’ve got you budgeters covered too, here’s our top five tips on cost effective methods to treating your mum.

  1. Coupon books came into fashion a few years back and honestly, we think they are adorable. Creating a little book of things that you know your mum wants or needs is a genuine way of showing you care and listen. Help relieve her workload by offering to do the gardening, make dinner for a week, do extra chores or give your mum a manicure. These are particularly effective when given by little kids, it helps to teach them how to do their fair share around the house, evening out workloads. So, if there’s any dad’s out there reading this, you could sit down your little one and come up with some ideas between you both to give to mum, we’re sure it’ll make her smile.
  2. Another good one for young kids is baking. Introduce them to new skills as well as treating mum to something yummy to wake up to. Experienced bakers, this is also your opportunity to showcase your skills, and of course, give mum some bragging rights. Bake that cake, post it all over social media, watch comments full of envy pop up.
  3. Flowers are always a beautiful gesture, they brighten a home significantly and are likely to enhance the appearance of any room you put them in. Moving with the times, house plants, in general, are also increasingly popular as well as succulents. These are great as they’re inexpensive and last longer than flowers, so mum will have a long-lasting reminder of your love.
  4. Bring the spa treatment to her with a few scented candles, some peaceful rainforest sounds, and a home massage conducted by yours truly. If you don’t have complete faith in your newly found masseuse skillset then grab a couple essential oils (can be found reasonably priced online) and watch some YouTube tutorials, you’ll have your own office set up in no time.
  5. Make her a lovely home-made dinner. Most of us grew up eating our mum’s food everyday so turn the tables and make her something she wants, from scratch.

It’s the small things

Remember, when treating anyone, it’s the small things that count. Paying attention to conversation and picking up on hints and wants throughout the year will really pay off when it comes to events like Mother’s Day.

The problem is, Mums can get very annoyed if you forget the card. Because it’s just the small personal touch that makes it special.

Although a Mother’s day card with a personal touch is very important, this doesn’t mean you’re going to put little effort in grabbing a generic card from your local?

We’re thinking niche, specific, hilarious. Making your mum smile is one thing, but making her laugh is even better. Here’s a few great funny Mother’s Day cards to make her giggle…

  1. Face it, if you have a hot mum (MILF- if you will) this is something you’ve probably experienced. Whether your friends have vocalised this, kept it secret or even pursued it (queue EastEnders theme tune) send this friendly reminder that your mum has still got it.
Some of my mates fancy you - funny Mother's Day card
  •  A little graphic? Sure. Super tasteful? Not so sure. Hilarious? Absolutely. This card says it all, remind your mum that you are thankful for your existence, despite the cost to her body…
Gigantic head ruined your vagina - rude Mother's day card
  • We love this card, it really helps us to channel our inner wine-mum. It’s perfect if your mum has a taste for the finer things in life, pour her another, you know she deserves it!
Brilliant mum deserves win - funny Mother's Day card

If you are unable to add the personal touch you want but don’t want a computer generated moon-pig card then don’t forget about our handy Handwritten card service.

We can handwrite your Mother’s Day cards and send them straight to her address! (You could also use this if you are extremely lazy…)


Don’t forget the other mum figures in your life. Your favourite aunt, grandma, step mum, and we all have that one mum friend who really looks out for us. Make sure your maternal figure knows you love them and care about them, after all they look out for you the rest of the year. Our top-tip is to send them something, a meaningful message, some chocolates, or one of the fantastic cards you can find over on our website.

Still stuck?

And if you’re still stuck after all those ideas, here’s a couple more obscure ones.

  1. Name a star after her! If you think your mum shines bright and deserves recognition you can buy her a star online, and they’ll even send you a certificate to prove they’ve done it.
  2. Sponsor an animal for her, it doesn’t have to be a puppy, get creative, penguins, tigers and gorillas are amongst the hundreds of species you can sponsor online and make a real difference to their welfare.
  3. A year’s worth of… Spotify? Netflix? Amazon prime? Sort all your mum’s multi-media needs for the year with a year’s supply of any of these awesome subscriptions.

That’s all from us this time round and we hope you’ve found something suitable for your perfect Mother’s Day. We would love to hear some of your suggestions too though, so go crazy, drop a comment and tell us what you’ll be doing for your mum this year…

Shriya @ Creased