Top 5 Best Sellers from April!

So as we run down the last few days of April, we are revealing our best selling cards of the month!


5. At number 5 we have a colourful and fun card from Redback cards! This card is not only bright, but it also comes with a high-quality badge. The enamel badge has a very good gin design and probably the reason it is such a good seller here at Creased Cards!

Colourful Gin Bottle Birthday Badge Card (Pinata Range) - Unusual Birthday Card


How Do You Know If Someones Vegan - Humorous Greeting Card


4. The next in our top 5 best sellers is this extremely amusing card from Kiss Me Kwik. Look away now if you are vegan! We all know someone who absolutely loves telling the world about their veganism!






3. The middle man here is a classic for those people who are constantly ripping into someone for their age. Well now you don’t have too, they are just too old to make any jokes!

Age Related Jokes - Humorous Birthday CardTosser - Humorous Greeting Card (Cat Related)




2. This card by Cardmix never fails to make us laugh here at Creased Cards. Every time we look at it, the more we relate and find it even funnier. No wonder our customers love it so much!







1. Our winner this month for the most sales is…..


“Carrying my Poo” from Splimple.

It’s no wonder this card has won this month! This card is an absolutely perfect birthday card from the dog. I bet you can’t find any better anywhere!Thank You For Carrying My Poo - humorous Greetings Card


That’s all from us this month! We hope you enjoyed looking at some of our funniest cards. If you want to check out more of our funny cards then CLICK HERE. If you want all the latest news and exclusive offers from us here at Creased make sure you sign up to our newsletter.