Top 20 funny greetings cards for 2021

You might be thinking, ‘but hang on one hot minute, 2021 is not over yet’. Of course, you would be right. But 2022 is fast approaching, only 11 weeks away to be precise. And because we’ve had the lion’s share of 2021, we wanted to put together a list of our top 20 funniest cards of 2021 – to make you roar with laughter!

So maybe we should have called this blog ‘Top 20 funniest cards of 2021 (so far)’. Either way we have gathered the best of the bunch for our top-selling, most popular funny greetings cards. Have a look through the list below to see if you recognise any of our brilliantly different cards. Maybe you’ve already bagged a few over the last few months and you can have a reminiscent chuckle. Maybe a few are new to you and you have the perfect person in mind to receive them. Either way, you can click on the list to jump straight to the exact funny greetings card you need. Within each listing, simply click the image to view the card on our website.

List of top 20 funny greeting cards for 2021

Charades At The Monastery

There is no wonder this one is at the top of our funny greetings card list. It’s an absolute howler. The front design depicts a scene of rather risqué charades acted out by monks at a monastery. What makes this one even funnier is that the monks in question are absolutely oblivious to their appearance being rather similar to a particular piece of male anatomy. Not just a funny ‘un, this design by Redback is part of the Wulffmorgenhaler range, a comic strip created by Danish writer/artist duo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler – the name being a portmanteau from the pair’s surnames. 

Form 3D Card – Cake

Ok, so this one might be pushing it a little on the funny scale. Number 2 and already struggling… don’t worry we have a reason that will bring it back. This one from The Art File is part of their 3D card range, an absolute mantle piece showstopper, which pops up to create a colourful object – in this case, it’s cake! For this one, it’s all about what you write inside the card that makes it funny. Think of something like ‘I did get you a real cake, but I ate it myself – hope this makes up for it’. Or if you want to be a little more cruel, ‘I couldn’t get you a real cake, it was a fire safety hazard with the amount of candles I’d have to put on it. Happy birthday you old git.’ Because no birthday is a happy birthday without a cake, real or paper-based.


Straight back into the funny greetings cards with this devilishly wicked one from Buddy Fernandez. This range may be printed on smaller square board, but they still pack the punch of a heavyweight card… and then some! This one is for those seriously sarcastic people out there who want to remind their mates that their birthday isn’t actually the best thing in the world!

Happy Birthday You Batshit Crazy Legend

One for all the gals out their who just want to let their hair down and go a little wild on their birthday. But not just crazy. Batshit crazy. Of course, this Rose Made A Thing design is only appropriate for certified legends, usually the one who is first to get the round of tequila slammers in. To all the batshit crazy legends, just remember to get home safe!

Bottomless Brunch

This is the type of mistake you only make once. Turning up to bottomless brunch and completely getting the wrong end of the stick, and instead, showing your stick off because you haven’t turned up with any slacks on! I hope this has never happened to anyone, but if any of your friends or even more awkward, family, might be daft enough to do this, then this is the card for them.

Closer to Velcro shoes and stinking of piss

Cheeky Chops were bound to feature in this funny greetings card list, and here they are in all their rotten glory. I hope grandad has a decent sense of humour. Or maybe mum is getting on a bit and she can handle a solid piece of banter. This card shows that another year older doesn’t necessarily mean another year wiser…

Huge Cock

Nothing to see on this card apart from a man with a HUGE cock. The hilariousness comes from the fact that this is actually a COCKEREL. What were you thinking? One for the dirty minded amongst us. This card is a cracking yolk for anyone over the age of 18… sorry, couldn’t resist the chicken and egg puns.

Kim Jong-un Orders You

If North Korea’s supreme leader is ordering you to do something, then you bloomin’ well do it, so down that drink! Kim Jong-un orders you to have a Happy Birthday and have a shot, so you better do it before you fall foul to one of his (made-up) missiles. A card which pokes fun at politics with a celebratory sentiment, a sure-fire winner.


Picture the scene, you are a dog who is following the rear of another dog, a gentle breeze passes over the grassy expanse and wafts a revitalising aroma of sweetness and reality, you go on to explain to your canine chum exactly what you can smell. That is exactly what this card provides, and its takes a dogs sense of smell to new heights! Again, the Wulffmorgenhaler range from Redback does not dissapoint. Perfect for dog lovers or wannabe wine tasters.


A very popular card that gets laughs hourly on the shelves of our Brighton store, this design from Buddy Fernandez throws some truths on what birthdays are really like. This funny greetings card is a winner for all ages, kids find it daft and silly, and adults cringe and chuckle remembering particularly messy birthday antics which need no further discussion – a design guaranteed to give the recipient giggles.


Buddy Fernandez swoop into our top 20 funny greetings cards list once again with this direct card that will be sure to affirm your sense of humour with your blunt friend or family member. There’s lots of text on this one but it’s deffo worth sticking with it because the punchline at the end comes in hard. This card is great because it’s universal, it could be used for a birthday card, congratulations card, even a wedding card, if you are feeling particularly grumpy.

Some Girls Are Just Born With Glitter In Their Veins

This one is quite sinister. Upon first inspection this card feels like a sparling sentiment, but read between the lines and what you get is a card aimed at a someone who perhaps hasn’t quite got a handle on reality! If you are feeling super tight this also doubles up as a present due to the removable badge. Another way to be funny with this one is to write something inside like ‘Didn’t get you an extra present because the badge counts as one… be careful of the small prick!’

Hope Your Birthday Is As Satisfying As A Big Poo

Because let’s face it, its a great feeling… your birthday celebrations I mean. It only comes round once a year so its worth having a laugh when you do it, again I’m on about the birthday. This design from Objectables with bright coloured circles is sure to have them nodding along with a smirk. It’s also slightly embarrassing for a teenager to open in front of their grandma.


Unlike this funny greetings card list, this design from Redback’s God Things range is horrendously uninspired. It says so on the front, so who are we to argue. Perfect to communicate your casual approach to the art of card buying. The handwritten style type only adds to the can’t-be-arsed-ness.

Ideas Meeting

If you’ve worked in any remotely “creative” role in an office setting, this one is sure to have you howling. Perfect for managers who have to try and uplift team momentum in meetings and just get a load of blank. blinking-eyed faces staring back at them. If you’ve ever been a participant in this type of meeting you can expect words such as ‘double-down on key metrics’ or ‘lets collaborate to identify focused consumer touchpoints’… it’s no wonder the stick-man team member shouted out what they did. This design is a winner for any work meetings veteran. Great work Modern Toss.


It started off as fermented German cough mixture mixed with energy drink, it ended up with a lost shoe, rainbow rave whistle and a cold chilli sauce saturated kebab at 4am. Yes, it’s a classic birthday night out that’s got a little of of hand. At least you didn’t lose your keys though… oh sh*t! This design from Betti Confetti says it all about the poor birthday choices fuelled by Jagerbombs.

Can you perform under pressure?

A classic joke, brilliantly executed by KissMeKwik – finished off with some classical illustration to boot. Imagine the scene, stepping into a job interview and being asked if you can perform under pressure, then a wise cracking with the interviewer with a lightning quick Queen reference. We’d hire you on the spot at Creased.


No messing around with this one. Straight to the point and a brilliant choice for any respectable The Inbetweeners fan. A couple of stars thrown on there just to draw attention to the Birthday W*nker.

You’ve Still Got it

Not all of our cards are insulting, close to the bone or rude… if you look you can find wholesome funny sentiments like this one from Rosie Made a Thing. It’s perfect for the older lady and will make them chuckle. Just remember to remind them to hold onto something sturdy if they attempt to get their foot above their head like the flexible nan on the front of this card.


Any cheeky son or daughter should get this for their old man, only if they can take a joke though, you know what dads can be like. This gold embossed design from Redback gives off a touch of class whilst taking the mickey at the same time.

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