Happy New Year – The Creased Guide to 2021

Happy New Year from Creased! To celebrate the new year we have put together a small guide on 2021 – welcome to our The Creased guide to 2021 blog! 2020 is a year we are glad is behind us, but there is still lots to do to make 20212 a brilliant year. It all start with making small changes though, everyday habits that will help to make your 2021 special. From getting fitter, being more sustainable, to staying safe amidst a health pandemic.

The Creased Guide to getting organised

Being organised doesn’t mean planning every second of every day. It means using your time effectively so you can do more of the things you enjoy. Things like spending more time with your loved ones (albeit digitally during lockdown), getting outside to your nature spot or making movie night spectacular. It also means allotting time for the things you may not be energised to do. Being on top of your tax returns, painting the downstairs of your house, even making more time for exercise.

We like to see organisation as a helpful tool for our wellbeing. We try not to see it as an endless list to cram in ‘productivity’ in each 30-minute segment. But being organised is all about starting small to reach a bigger goal. Maybe one of your goals this year is to be more present for your family and friends, making sure they know you are there for them. There are loads of ways to do this, support their small crafts business, offer your help with their house move. Of course, we might be a little biased, but a great start is to just remember their birthday and send them a card! To give you a little extra motivation, why not take a look at our selection of greeting cards. Go check them out here, and get organised!

The Creased Guide to exercise

The start of a new year is a fantastic time to put a spring in your step and switch up your normal routine. A great way to do this is through exercise. Your may already go to the gym 4 times a week but that has now been interrupted by lockdown restrictions. You may be taking your first steps into getting fitter and healthier. Which ever it is, we think the most important things when it comes to exercise is healthy progression… and fun! And what could be more fun than jumping about with Joe Wicks every morning for his online PE lessons. This is also a great one to get the whole family involved. Check out his New Year 2021 home workout below.

Or click here to watch the workout.

The Creased Guide to 2021 – Staying Safe

We don’t want to have to mention it explicitly, but it goes without saying that we are currently dealing with a huge health pandemic. It is so important during this time we are there for each other, and ourselves. Be kind to yourself and others. The health and happiness of your nearest and dearest is paramount.

Things are constantly changing with government restrictions and guidelines. Although these constant changes can be frustrating, they are there to protect us so it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest REAL news. If you want to find out the latest government guidelines, just click here.


The Creased Guide to 2021 – Dry January

Did you indulge a bit too much in the sherry over Christmastime? Kept those prosecco bubbles flowing right into the New Year? Well now might be a great time curb those drinking habits and give Dry January a go! Its not a badge of honour though, Dry Jan is there to help you detox and feel healthier. If you do feel healthier, why not make a change in your habits and swap the Merlot for the mineral water all year round? Maybe that is a step too far…

Find out all the helpful tips for successful Dry Jan here with some great advice from Alcohol Change, the originators of Dry January.

The Creased Guide to environmentally conscious

You only have to look at the over-flowing bins to see the sheer amount of waste generated from all the gift giving over Christmas. Even the amount of unwanted Christmas trees that line the streets is a sad sight. Although it is a lovely feeling to receive gifts that are beautifully wrapped and packaged, just remember that all of that waste has to end up somewhere. Even unwanted gifts and Christmas stock in retail stores is likely to go straight to landfill. This is not the approach we like to have at Creased, which is why we are currently offering a 50% off Christmas card sale. Offering you the chance to save cards from going to waste and also helping you to be organised for next year.

Click here for our 50% off Christmas card sale.

Click to find out where to recycle your Christmas tree.

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