Survival Guide to Christmas

Are you completely relaxed and prepared for Christmas? No, of course, you aren’t, none of us are… Don’t let all the stress get you down because it will all be worth it in the end (We hope…)

We have compiled a Bear Grylls like survival guide to help you get through the festive season… Whether it’s the irritating drunk relatives or just the sheer fact you have to spend your own money on other people, we have a survival tip to cover just about everything.

We are going to start from the very beginning of the Christmas preparation right through until it’s all over.

  1. Christmas Tree

It doesn’t feel like Christmas is approaching until you have a tree in your house. Real or fake, we don’t care. Get a tree as soon as the month begins so you can feel some of that Christmas magic.

Plastic Christmas trees are easy and cheap. You can use a plastic Christmas tree every single year without having to buy a new one. Saving huge amounts of money for years to come. (more to spend on yourself we hope).

Although it’s great to have something cheap and easy for Christmas, nothing beats the beautiful smell and feel of a real Christmas Tree. If you have the time and money (and space may we add) for a real Christmas tree, then we definitely suggest grabbing one for the festive season. Although with most having a start price of £30 you may want to just stick with your plastic tree…

Make your decision early and wisely so that it suits your situation. Don’t go spending £60 on a real Christmas tree if that means sacrificing more alcohol at Christmas (you will probably need it).

  1. Decorating the tree

This one we will keep short and simple. Stop stressing about what the decorations look like!! No, your tree doesn’t have to be colour coordinated or look like a piece of art. Just stick it on, so it doesn’t look bare.

If you have children, this is a perfect time to sit back relax and let them do the work. They will enjoy all that whilst you can grab some well-deserved relaxation time. If you have a little bit of time on your hands during your relaxation… Head over to and do some Christmas card shopping 😉

  1. Presents are the main attraction at Xmas

We all know someone who is rushing around on the 23rd &24th still looking for good Christmas cards and presents. Well, guess what… Most of the good stuff is gone by then!

Let’s start by talking about presents. You’ve probably been receiving hints or lists in the build-up to Christmas, so use that useless memory of yours and remember what people ACTUALLY want! Don’t buy something half-assed and put them through the “Oh thank you I absolutely love it” when they are just lying… They hate your present.

You can prevent this failure by just straight up asking people what they want for Christmas early. Then at least if you can’t find it or it is sold out, you have the chance to ask them what else they would like and sort out a replacement.

The last important part of purchasing Christmas presents is remembering the most festive part about it. No, we don’t mean the soppy meaning behind “giving” at Christmas.

We are talking about wrapping paper and gift bags! We have a stunning range of Christmas wrap and bags in store or on our website. CLICK HERE to head straight to Xmas Wrap & Bags.

Christmas gift Bag from The art FileClassy Chrsitmas gift bag from teh art file









Both of these stunning Christmas Gift bags are from the notoriously festive Art File. The First Design (the red one in-case you can’t count) Also comes in 3 different sizes! Make sure to check the other three!

4. Christmas Cards

This is the most important tip for this Christmas!

Everyone hates when they get a rubbish Christmas Card which clearly came from a multi-pack. Choose your cards wisely this year so that your recipients actually enjoy their cards.

We have a huge range of Christmas cards this year. Both in-store and online ready for instant delivery!

Our Christmas cards come in a handful of festive styles provided by our wonderful suppliers.

If you are pretty rubbish with your timings, then make sure you check out our “Why buy Christmas Cards Early” post.

As for writing the Christmas  cards… Don’t be boring! Everyone is bored of the same old Christmas messages in every single card! Switch it up a bit? if you are struggling then make sure you check out our funniest Christmas messsages… and maybe some rude.

Here is a little teaser into what we have to offer this Christmas and have a snoop through the rest of wonderful Christmas card range HERE.

Gin-gle Bells - contemporary Christmas card from Lola Design

Christmas Fairground Traditional Christmas Card







These are some wonderfully unique Christmas cards by The Art File & Lola Design. We stick by our word in being the funniest Christmas card retailer along with the rest of our wide range of cards for every occasion. Here’s a couple of funny Christmas cards for you… P.S. they may be a little rude…

Cheeses Of Nazarath - Funny Christmas card

Merry Christmas Ginge - Funny Christmas Card

5. Dealing with Christmas Day itself

Disappointment, heavy drinking, irritating relatives and a massive Christmas dinner that’ll knock you out. What else can you want?

Wake up, open up those cards & presents and get that first drink down you (it doesn’t matter that it is only 11). You are now fully into the Christmas spirit.

The 1st and most stressful step of the day is…

Preparing and Cooking Christmas dinner.

You don’t have to battle through the hours of hard work and cooking in a sweltering hot kitchen listening to “Last Christmas” on your own. If you are entertaining some guests or annoying relatives as we call them. Get them to help! You don’t have to worry about having a small kitchen either, you can let them know ahead of time to prepare the day or morning before and it should all work out.

Now that the cooking has begun, we would probably advise another drink of some sort or the patience of a saint to be putting up with some of the boring convos that will take place today. This is going to lead us onto our last step…

6. Putting up with your family members on Christmas Day

We all love our family members… But this does not mean we should be stuck having to be with them for a whole day on the biggest festivity of the year.

We’ve come together and packed all our experience into a few brilliant tips!

Firstly, You have to make sure you don’t get them a rubbish present or card! This is a very important tip. A but hurt family member, will no doubt, be moody and a little rude if you have given them a half-assed 50-99p card and a Lynx gift set (We would be disappointed too). Avoid this by checking out our brilliant cards for Relations; we are stocking cards for every single member of your family. If you would prefer a more general Christmas card then we won’t be disappointed, with over 200 designs on our website.

Put in a little of effort into their present. Don’t just grab anything cheap – consider what the recipient actually likes because there are too many rubbish gift sets being received on Christmas day.


Listen to their boring stories… If you accept your fate and just smile and nod, you’ll find their conversations a lot more bearable. It is a lot less stressful than trying to avoid them all day. Hopefully, they will get bored of talking to you after a while.

Our last tip and probably the most common with us,

If you get a little tipsy throughout the day, you will probably have a more enjoyable day no matter whos there. Although if you are not drinking on the day or at all for that thought, we hope you can find your own coping mechanism for these irritating family members.

Once the dinner has been destroyed and you are just left with turkey leftovers for your dinner over the next 5 days.  It’s time to sit back relax…. And fall asleep halfway through a film/programme you have been looking forward to all day.

That’s it, months of preparation and stress to just prematurely fall asleep…

We have found another huge list of hilarious tips to battle through Christmas which we are sure everyone can relate too (Not just students)

For our wonderful customers, we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and to check out our full Christmas Collection…