Our favourite cards of 2018

2018 is over! With the close of the year we finally had the end of a very long and expensive month of December. We obviously love the Christmas period, but it does feel nice to not be completely broke.

Did you celebrate New Year’s as heavily as we did? If so, then you’re probably still not feeling 100%. Why do hangovers last longer as we get older eh? Along with the hangover, we have also gained a few pounds from the excessive eating we have been doing over the past 10 days.

Not to worry though, you can set yourself the same New years resolution you have done for the last 5 years, to get fit… This time you tell yourself that you will stick to it after all, the membership is already set up and new trainers have been bought. So, you kind of have too?

Well guess what? You’re going to fail yet again because you can only last a month at the gym before giving it up and throwing in excuse after excuse. But hey ho, life goes on.

We’re only winding you up. Good luck sticking to the new year’s resolutions! You’re going to need it.

2018 has been an amazing year for us. We have settled into our new store in Brighton which has meant, we have been able to take on loads of new and exciting suppliers. This capability of being able to showcase more unique designs in our store also meant we could grow our online catalogue!

With the help of our wonderful suppliers and all the Creased customers, we got a nomination for the Retas Independent card retailer of the year. This was an outstanding milestone for us, which gave us even more motivation to go on and win the award in 2019!

All in all, we have really enjoyed 2018 so we have decided to give your 10 of our favourite cards from 2018. Each card is very unique and will definitely make you giggle so enjoy!

  • Carrying My Poo – Humorous Birthday card from the dog

Dogs shouldn’t have to miss out on the pleasure of sending a birthday card? This funny birthday card perfectly imagines how your dog would like to greet you on the birthday. The card features a paw signature just as if it is from the dog. Obviously, you can get the dog to sign this themselves if you would like.

Thank you for carrying my poo - funny birthday card from the dog
  • Banana vs Gin & tonic – Funny Birthday card from the Cloud Nine range.

It has been a massive year for the Cloud Nine range from Redback after their huge collaboration range with Transomnia. The Cloud Nine range is brilliantly relatable to almost all of us and especially with this one. This card will probably define how your New Years resolution of being healthier will end up.

Banana has 108 calories. Gin & tonic has 91. Enough said. - Funny greeting card
  • Tosser! – Funny Birthday card (Cat Related)

Cats give off the “I don’t care” sort of persona the whole time don’t you think? All they do is eat and sleep all day long and when they are not doing that, they are just being absolute assholes. This is seriously how it feels to be single with a pet cat… Good luck for Valentine’s day.

At least the cat loves me... Cat replies Tosser - Funny greeting card
  • Names Amy! – Funny Greeting card

It’s hard to remember names sometimes! Well maybe you shouldn’t forget you children’s names, but it doesn’t make you a bad mother if you do… This card is very relatable for so many parents out there.

Am i good mother Susan? My name's Amy. -  funny greeting card
  • Next Verse – Humorous Greeting card

This twist on an absolute classic is deemed to portray how the Beatles came up with the iconic song “Hey Jude”. This funny card is perfect for anyone who is a Beatles fan!

Beetles singing hey jude - funny greeting card
  • Bad Influence – Funny Greeting card

We all have a friend who is a dreadful influence on our how we behave, don’t we? Or maybe you are the bad influence? Anyway, who cares, you are both as bad as each other… When you mix being a bad influence with two extremely cute cats on the front of a greeting card? What could be better?

Cant remember which of you is the bad influence
  • Squashed bit of tree (Good Things Range) – Humorous Greeting card

What are greeting cards? Just ask yourself this and you can’t be mad at this card. It is just stating the obvious. Blunt yet brilliant from Redback Cards

If there ever was an appropriate time to give you what is effectively a squashed bit of tree folded in half, it'd be now
  • Camp little sausage – Funny greeting card

The Pluckers are always producing punny classics! This one is easily our favourite from the range.

Happy birthday you camp little sausge - funny birthday card
  • Pain Au Chocolate (Irene & Gladys Range) – Funny Greeting Card

The Irene & Gladys range is just brilliant, there is something about two old women talking about the topics they do on these cards that is so much funnier than if it wasn’t two old women.

This card plays on the French language with ménage à trois & pain au chocolat references. Irene & Gladys will always get the recipient giggling.

Ever indulged in a menage au trois? two old women looking at painting - funny card
  • You Have Been Alive For A Period Of Time – Humorous Birthday Card

A blunt classic from Deadpan. What else can you really say? The card says it all.

You have been alive for a period of time deemed noteworthy

There we go, that is some of our top 10 funny cards of 2018! We weren’t able to fit in all of our favourites but you can find them all at funny greeting cards.

We would like to thank all our lovely Creased customers for giving us yet another year of laughs.

We will see you in 2019 for another great year!