Our Favourite 5 Same-Sex Wedding Cards

Are you stuck trying to find the perfect same-sex wedding card? Look no further than our favourite 5 Same-Sex wedding cards. In this top 5, we have a range of humorous, classic and sweet cards that look to solve your gay and lesbian wedding card problems.

Mrs and Mrs Wedding Card



Your gay friends or family getting hitched? Need a Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs card?  Then, we have the card for you. This large and bold card really puts the message out there in a simple yet stunning design from publisher Cheeky Chops.

Third Wheel, Cant Get Rid Of Me - Humorous Wedding Card



Are you not willing to give up your best friend to marriage just yet? How about volunteering to be their third wheel? If so, then this card is perfect, just to remind them, that you will always be lingering!



Congratulations gays - Wedding Card Congratulations Lezzers - Wedding Card

Why not try these slightly risky gay wedding cards to send to the happy gay couple? We’re sure they won’t get offended, let’s just hope so anyway (for your sake).

Just kidding. They’re your friends, and you know where to draw the line when it comes to being politically correct. Have fun! *

*Creased Cards is not responsible for any dry-cleaning bills procured after your mate’s wife or husband throws their drink over you.  (Maybe, they   totally got the joke anyway and in fact, she just never liked you and this seemed like the perfect excuse to shower you in Bulmer’s?)

Lesbian Cat Marriage - Wedding Card "You're meowied" Gay Cat Marriage - Wedding Card "You're Meow-ied"


Are the couple-in-question massive animal lovers? Or are they a little too obsessed with their cats? Why not go for one of these super cute and purrfect design from Cardshit (Pronounced Cards-Hit of course)


Marriage Good Things - Wedding Card



A personal favourite here at Creased, this hilarious wedding card can really get your couple giggling.



So that’s it folks, our favourite 5 same-sex marriage cards to delight the happy couple If one of these doesn’t tickle your fancy, then we have many more same-sex wedding cards on our website or in our store, so go and check them out here at www.creasedcards.com