Our Biggest Supplier Of The Month Yet…

We gave our Supplier of the month promotion a month’s rest to prepare you for our biggest one yet! It’s back and bigger than ever!

Our last Supplier of The Month was Cardshit, and what a successful month it was. After the huge amounts of love for the past SOTM, we have decided it was time for the initiative to make a return to your screens.  This month we can guarantee will be packed full of laughter and chuckles in pretty blunt style…

We really enjoy working with our favourite suppliers by giving them a huge platform during our SOTM promotions. We wouldn’t be who we are today without these great companies. Their unique designs, hilarious wording and brilliant ideas are what fills our shop with smiles and laughs all day long.

This month we are bringing you our biggest promotion yet, with nearly 200 different designs in pretty much every single occasion & season!

It’s probably best if we tell it like it is with…

Buddy Fernandez

We asked the founder Lee a few questions about the company…

Creased – “So, Lee how did Buddy Fernandez come about?”

Lee – “Buddy started about the same time as Creased, who were one of our very first customers. We got into cards because we were tired of having nice things and working regular hours. We went to the pub, came up with blunt comments that people think but probably shouldn’t say, and put them on silly bits of card.”

Creased – “Haha! How did you launch the business and gain such a following?

Lee – “We did Spring Fair to launch it all, had no idea what we were doing, but strangely, people quite liked them. So, we spent years folding them, putting them in daft little envelopes and cellos, and sending them to customers to pass off as decent.

They just say it like it is. No bollocks, no mushy crap, just honest, funny cards.”

Creased – “Our customers absolutely love them! What is the motivation to keep going?

Lee – “We don’t have any money, we work very strange hours, but bugger it, we still get such a kick when somebody picks up a Buddy card and lets out an involuntary cheeky chuckle.”

Creased – “The buddy area of our shop is always filled with laughter! Is there anything else you would like to say?

Lee – “Not really! Enough with the sentimental stuff, go to Creased and buy some of our bloody cards.”

Creased – “Haha we couldn’t agree more!

How about a cheeky teaser of some of the cards that buddy provide?

One Year Closer to Death - Funny Birthday cardYou were an accident - Funn Greeting card








All of buddy’s cards are full of hilariously blunt humour that fills our store with laughter all year round! As you can see in these examples…

Buddy aren’t all innocent humour though… We also stock a huge range of their down right despicable and offensive cards too!

Fuck it this'll do - funny greetings cardBirthday Present Ideas - Rude birthday card








That’s all from us. Check out the full range over at Creasedcards.com Our supplier of the month promotion is only available for a limited time! Make sure you grab what you can fast! You don’t want to miss out….

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Until next time

Cameron @ Creased HQ