Mother’s Day 2021 – How to make Mother’s Day marvellous

Next up in the lockdown occasion calendar is Mother’s Day! We hope you were able to share some special moments with your loved one/s this Valentine’s Day and enjoyed our Lockdown Love blog – but now it’s time to turn our attentions to all the brilliant mothers and mother figures out there with our Mother’s Day 2021 blog – full of marvellous gifts and cards to make their day super special!

This year’s Mother’s Day falls exactly 1 month after Valentine’s Day. So you should have had time to fill your heart back up by now. A full heart of love from a happy son, daughter or pet – it’s what every mum wants… and deserves! Lockdown has made it difficult just to pop round and give them a hug. Or take them to their favourite tea rooms for an afternoon tea. Or maybe your old dear is still a dancefloor groover that loves nothing more than to throw shapes with their children – you’re never too old! Don’t worry if you haven’t clue what to get them this year. We’ve gathered together a selection of our favourite cards and gifts guaranteed to get you some brownie points from mum.

Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Well apart from to dedicate a day especially to the amazing mothers out there, Mother’s Day has an interesting history. Astonishingly, Mother’s Day celebrations date back as far as the ancient Greeks. They would celebrate Rhea, the Mother of the Gods and Goddesses, every spring with festivals of worship. The month of March isn’t just for modern celebrations. The Romans also celebrated a mother Goddess, Cybele, every March as far back as 250BC. Mothering Sunday itself has been celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent, in the UK and Ireland, since the 16th Century. Now that’s some mother-loving history facts right there!

Mother’s Day 2021 – Virtual Chocolate Tasting

If we weren’t in lockdown restrictions, maybe you could have taken mum to her favourite confectioner or chocolatier. But now you can bring the chocolate experience to her with a Virtual Tasting Experience with Hotel Chocolat. Discover the best way to experience chocolate, how to taste it, when to taste it, and what to look out for, as well as learning fun and exciting facts. All in the comfort of your own home with Hotel Chocolat.

photo credits: Hotel Chocolat

Mother’s Day 2021 – It’s a fine time for wine

March 14th is a fine time for wine! Whether you are raising a glass in spirit or over zoom, make sure you check out The Brighton Wine Co.. Their mission is “making sure good people never drink bad wine”. We think they have the best range of hand-picked wines in Sussex and a super speedy delivery. 

photo credits: The Brighton Wine Co.

Our friends over at Objectables know how to leverage sarcasm and love in just the right proportions – get the ‘Mother almost as much as wine’ card here
Rosie Made A Thing knows that those who drink together stick together Wine together – get the ‘Drink wine together’ card here

Mother’s Day 2021 – Thanks a bunch!

Make the relationship with your mother bloom with a brilliant bunch of flowers delivered direct to her door. At Creased, we like Prestige Flowers, they tend be a little cheaper than the mainstream sellers, but they still have a great range of flowers! And what’s even better, sometimes they throw in a box of chocolates with the bouquet too!

photo credits: Prestige Flowers

This beautiful hand drawn bird and flower card is crafted from our local Brighton illustrator Ilona – get the ‘Bird and Flower Mother’s Day’ card here Flowery card
Butterflies and lovely flowers will brighten up their day with Paper Shakies – get the ‘Butterflies and Flowers Love You Mum’ card here

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