Lucky 8 For The Upcoming Exam Season

Exam season is an extremely stressful time for kids nowadays. Wishing them Good luck and proving your support for them can really help reduce the stress (not only for them but for your parents too). So why not dive into our lucky 8 list?  This list of full of many different types of good luck cards; from hilariously rude, to sweet and simple.

Good Luck In Your Exams - Contemporary Good Luck For Exams Card


Fancy playing it safe with the perfectly simple good luck in your exams card?  Why not go for this beautifully detailed card from Claire Giles? left blank inside to personalise and make special.


Break A Leg - Scribbly Kiss Range, Good Luck Card



Music or drama student? This superstitious card can really do the job.*

*Creased Cards do not take any responsibility for any legs broken during exam season

Rooting For You - Good Luck Card




Students everywhere are looking for the golden formula to do well this exam season but forgot to add 24 carrots to it? Okay, okay, excuse the poor vegetable joke. But how about this hilarious card that’ll be sure to get everyone giggling?


Good Luck In Your Exam You Clever Cunt - Rude Good Luck In Your Exams Card



**Bad Language Alert**  Want something a bit edgy??   Then check out this hilariously rude good luck card from Cardshit. This card would be perfect for that person who has always been cleverer than you and you’re just fed up with it. Or maybe you just fancied calling them a C*nt. Either way, I can guarantee this card will get them laughing… well, let’s hope they don’t get offended.



Good Luck (Allotment Range) - Large Hand Finished Good Luck Card




This next card in the list is by Blue Eyed Sun. The high-quality embroidery style design on this card just means we must put it on the list, it’s that good!




Good Luck Fucker - Rude Good Luck Card



This card from Cheeky Chops says it all! Rude, simple but extremely hilarious. I would highly advise not giving this to a child sitting their SATS exams!!  Their teacher might put YOU on report!




Good Luck Horse Shoes - Contemporary Good Luck Card



Is the person you’re buying for superstitious? Having to salute two magpies? Or even believing in bad luck when walking over three drains? How about this Lucky horseshoe card to comfort and ease the stress through this stressful time?



Good Luck Dont Fuck Up - Rude Good Luck Card



Okay, we’re going to finish the lucky 8 on a personal favourite of ours. It’s from the hilarious Cardshit again – and this is brilliant! Reminding them that they may just F*ck it all up after all these months of revision and learning, is a lovely bit of pressure to add to them whilst pushing the nice good luck message.




So that rounds off our Lucky 8 good luck cards here at Creased Cards. We would like to wish everyone taking exams in the upcoming months Good Luck but for the people buying for the exam takers, make sure to check out these plus many more good luck cards over on our website


Including a cash reward for doing well in exams can also help and motivate