Lockdown Love – Keep Valentine’s Day 2021 romantic during restrictions

There is a lot of things we aren’t loving at the moment at Creased. Not seeing our family for a big Sunday Lunch. Meeting our friends in the Lanes for a catch up. Fancy dress Zoom quizzes. The current restriction situation we find ourselves in is making it difficult for us to share a physical connection. But it’s safe to say one thing is important, the health of our loved ones. The people we love are the most important to help us get through hard times. But when the hard times make it hard to see our loved ones, it really can be an unwelcome headache. If you have had an unwelcome headache and feel flushed it is probably best to get a coronavirus test.

But if your headache is more to do with that most special of dates, the 14th of February, we’ve got you covered. Lockdown love should be the only thing you are spreading right now.

You might be wondering just how on earth you can make this year’s Valentine’s Day a special one. How can your share Lockdown love? Unable to take your other half to their favourite restaurant. Unable to gather with other couples to share the love. Or maybe 2020 vision last year saw you living the single life, now you’re on the lookout for a ‘New Year, New Me’ date. But there is still hope to make sure the day goes without a hitch. We have put together a selection of our best VD cards, from soppy tearjerkers to raunchy risqué ripostes. We also have some brilliant tips on how to generate some Lockdown loving with our Virtual Valentine’s Day. If that doesn’t work, there’s always a box of Milk Tray from Sainsbury’s.

Lockdown Love – Keeping the romance alive under restrictions

Get imaginative with these creative ways to make sure Valentine Days 2021 is one to remember. For all the right reasons. There are loads of ways to still be romantic despite lockdown restrictions. Think outside the boring box of chocolates and make your loved one’s day sparkle.

Home Cinema Date

What could be better than cuddling whilst watching a romcom? Cuddling your partner watching a romcom from the comfort of your home, out of view from the general public. That’s what! Ok, we admit it, Netflix ‘n’ Chill isn’t exactly revolutionary nowadays. But making your own movie snacks, switching off the work emails and snuggling with your partner. That sounds pretty cosy right?

Why don’t you make it a deluxe date night and pick a film with a sequel or two. Maybe steer clear of The Fast and the Furious, otherwise you are in for a serious all-nighter. The only dilemma is, of course will it be sweet or salted popcorn?

Don’t Forget the Sunset

Get back in touch with the beauty of nature. Sunset’s are one of the most poignantly romantic natural scenes and it’s not hard to see why. Our Creased shop is just a few minutes’ walk away from the lovely Brighton beach and Pier. This is a well-known spot for people to admire the view as the sun goes down. Some really stunning sunset scenes to be had, like the view of the West Pier and the sea as the sun goes down. If you live in Coventry however or are otherwise landlocked, why not deliver the image to your partner in a different way. The Place Pier by night greeting card features a colourful illustration by local Brighton artist ‘I Drew This’ – get the card here.

photo credits: https://www.brighton.ac.uk/international/index.aspx

Master Baking

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Or maybe you want to impress your girlfriend with an attempt at baking a truly lovely surprise. This Valentine’s Day cook up a storm in the kitchen – bake it with love and make the day extra sweet!

Why not try out these brilliant Valentine’s Day recipes from BBC Good Food, including an indulgent chocolate hidden heart cake and creamy raspberry and champagne possets – get the mouth-watering recipes here.

Lockdown love with a Virtual Valentine’s Day

What do you do when love is in the air but you are only allowed out of the house once a day to find it? Or you have found it but they live 50 miles away in Luton. Yes, love can be found in Luton. Or maybe your other half is currently living away, even in another country. There is no way to sugar-coat it that it’s not easy to be away from your loved one, especially during a day dedicated to love. But you can still put the effort in through the beauty of video call.

Enjoy a three-course meal together courtesy of Google Hangouts. Why not share a passionfruit mousse with extra cream over Microsoft Teams. Sip a bottle of red wine together on FaceTime. You get the picture. Just think about the connection you are able to have rather than dwell on the lack of physical presence. Why not even take the time to celebrate each other and make plans for your next romantic getaway. Why not book a paradise break in Bali or a deluxe room in Budapest (for 2022)? Or if budgets are tight, there is always Luton Travelodge.

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