Lockdown laughs – how to keep smiling through lockdown

Welcome to our Lockdown Laughs – how to keep smiling through lockdown blog post! In this article we are going to take a look at some of the ways we can remain positive, boost our wellbeing, get those grins showing and support local independent business.

  • Meet our new local artist and her range of brilliant cards
  • Have a laugh with our Lockdown Laughs section
  • The importance of supporting independent businesses
  • The ‘C’ word… Christmas is just around the corner
  • Find out why sending a card means so much to many

No you aren’t trapped in a recurring bad dream. On December 2nd the UK Government reinstated a nationwide Lockdown. ‘Lockdown 2.0’ as it has been coined, might sound like another sequel to a dodgy action movie but we are aware that it is very real and is affecting many lives from across all walks of life. Never has it been more important to check-in and show up for our friends, family and loved ones. Although we may not be able to do this physically, one way in which we can do it, apart from sending lovely handwritten cards, is to remain positive and reach out digitally. Find out how to do this with jokes, laughs and funny videos in this article.

Meet our new local artist

Of course, we think a card in the post with a personal handwritten message inside says it best. Especially when it’s it from an independent small business who uses local talented artists. What a brilliant time for you to meet and support our new brilliant Brighton based local artist and her heart-warming designs. Bright watercolour illustrations illuminate her work, coupled with clever classy puns… meet Chateau Charlotte.

We are sure you will want to support this fantastic local artist and familiarise yourself with her illustrative style. Her designs feature unique recipes and also a food-filled Christmas collection. Take a look at our favourite top three Chateau Charlotte cards below, or shop the full selection here.

  1. If you want to give a Christmas crab to your loved ones this year, then  ‘Santa Claws’ is for you – get your card here.
  2. Know someone that will be‘Cat Au Tonique’ this lockdown? Get your card here.
  3. One for the loathers of Christmas and the lovers of boiled sweets ‘Baaah Humbug – get your card here.

Lockdown Laughs

We know the second UK Lockdown has been a hard time for all, not least those who were already struggling. Although we don’t think the safety and health of our friends, families and wider community is a laughing matter, we do think that it is important to keep spirits high in such trying times. The nights are certainly a little colder and darker currently, well it is November after all, but we hope these jokes can help to warm your spirits a little. Talking of spirits, have you seen our card about gin? Check out our favourite list of funnies, humorous sentiments and lockdown laughs that are making us howl right now:

Just in case you wanted some traditional one liners for the WhatsApp group message:

One for the Europeans…

  • What’s the best thing about Switzerland?

I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

One for the Dramatists…

  • Why do we tell actors to “break a leg?”

Because every play has a cast.

One for the Graphic Designers…

  • Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar

“Get out of here!” shouts the bartender. “We don’t serve your type.”

One for the Creative Writers…

  • Yesterday I saw a guy spill all his Scrabble letters on the road.

I asked him, “What’s the word on the street?”

One for the Foodies…

  • Hear about the new restaurant called Karma?

There’s no menu: You get what you deserve.

One for the Astronomers…

  • Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut?

He just needed a little space.

One for the Dads…

  • Where are average things manufactured?

The satisfactory.

Caught the laughing bug from our lockdown laughs? We recommend this Readers Digest for a full list of funnies.

The importance of supporting independent businesses

During this difficult time for all businesses, it is important to not forget about independents. Local businesses form a significant part of the UK economy, with small businesses accounting for 99.3% of the UK’s private sector businesses. They also make up 60% of all private sector employment. Local businesses are significant creators of jobs and are also more likely to hire people who live locally, as opposed to relying on people commuting in long distances. This is definitely true at Creased, all our staff live a mere stones throw away from our Brighton store, although one member of the team does live in Hove, actually.

What’s more, the money you spend at a local business is far more likely to stay in the community. The people who live and work at local businesses spend their money locally, and local businesses are also more likely than big businesses to shop locally in turn. This is true also at Creased, we keep our money in the community. We buy our stamps from a local collector business, our staff get great coffee and treats from 17 Grams and we were always out and about at the many bars and restaurants Brighton Lanes has to offer, after we’ve finished work of course!

To the big corporate giants your custom is probably just a faceless transaction, but to small independent businesses you are a valued customer! You also don’t have to miss out on any of the convenient features the corporates offer, at Creased we can compete with the big boys on customer service.

Check out our 5 reasons to shop with Creased

  • Cut-off for same day dispatch is 5pm on weekdays
  • We dispatch on Saturdays – with cut off at midday to ensure it hits the Royal Mail collection that day
  • Right now, spend £15 and get free UK Mainland delivery
  • Our Loyalty points scheme allows you to earn 10% back
  • Make a positive impact – support an independent business, not a corporate giant

Whether you buy from us or you buy from any other of the amazing indie stores out there, we encourage you to think about the transactions you make. Think about what positive impact your transaction can make, both for you as a customer and for the business you buy from.

The ‘C’ word… Christmas is just around the corner

Good tidings we bring… we have officially launched our Christmas range! Maybe it’s slightly too early to start decking the halls with boughs of holly, maybe you are deliberating about when to put up the tree… but one thing is for certain it’s definitely not too early to start buying your Christmas cards!

This year we have an even wider selection to choose from with oodles of suppliers! From big name favourites like Rosie Made A Thing and Redback to new local designers. Feast your eyes on our festive selection here featuring sets, cards for all relations and of course all the brilliantly funny humour you’ve come to expect with Creased!

The 25th December will be here before you know it. However, you spend your Christmas this year, don’t forget to get your cards out as normal, even if the rest of it might not be what you are used to.

Why sending a card means so much

In true Creased style, we want to end on a positive, happy note. We want to share with you a gentle reminder. In these times of social distancing, lockdown and general uncertainty, nothing can be more certain than the importance of close connections with friends and loved ones. Writing a personal message cements this connection. You may not be able to be there in person, but you sure do care enough to give a heartfelt message inside a perfectly picked greetings card. Rest assured that the recipient of the card will greatly appreciate the sentiment.

Stay safe and well from all at Creased.

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