How to write a birthday card with a personal message

In this article we’ll cover the basics of how to write a birthday card. Also, how to leave a lasting handwritten birthday message in a greetings card. All too often we are asked at Creased, ‘I want to write something that doesn’t just say “see you soon”’ or ‘you have such hilarious cards, but I never know what to write in them… have you got any ideas?’. Yes, we have and we want to share them with you!

Read this article to find out what to write, after you’ve chosen the perfect card (from us of course). Say no to the generic and oh so over used ‘see you soon’. You are better than that and in these current uncertain times, no one actually knows what ‘soon’ means these days! This article will help you to write a birthday message that encourages a ‘real’ response. The ‘new normal’ isn’t too familiar yet – and anyway, who wants to be ‘normal’ when you can stand out!

Choosing the perfect card

You’ve spent over 20 minutes in the shop deliberating about finding the perfect card for your nearest and dearest. You’ve scoured the shelves hoping to find ‘the one’. You know that person inside and out and this is a true reflection of deep friendship, close kinship, or even an opportunity to flex your humour muscles and claim the self-proclaimed ‘Banter Royalty’ status you always thought you deserved.

Is it appropriate?

And bingo! There it is. Your muffled laughter fills the air, or at least the inside of your face mask, as you read out the witty funny phrase printed on the front… ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY SH*T FOR BRAINS’. It’s an absolute classic, but maybe mum would prefer something with a bouquet of flowers – check out our delightfully tasteful 3D Flowers card. We aren’t telling you we know the recipients of your card better than you. But, it’s important to remember to not get too carried away – make sure the card you are buying is appropriate for the person that receives it.

In a rush?

Ok, so maybe you don’t have the time to go into a physical store and scrutinise the shelves looking for that card that will hit the spot. Lucky for those short on time, our extensive range of brilliantly different cards is available for you to peruse online on our web store. The site is categorised for you to navigate in a flash and checkout before you know it. Our team of staff in Brighton will fulfil your order and get it dispatched pronto, to pretty much anywhere in the world.

Handwritten messages sent directly to the recipient

No problem, with our popular ‘Handwritten Service’ online, you can leave any message you want when placing your web order and our brilliant Brighton staff will diligently handwrite the exact message. Great for if your handwriting isn’t the best or you are short of time and want the birthday card to go directly to the recipient. Even better you can choose this option, at no extra cost. Whether its warm birthday wishes, a celebratory message or even downright ludicrous (to a point) – we’ll get that message delivered the chosen door!   Want to place an order now but need your card to arrive at a later date a few weeks away? We’ve got that covered too! Just mark your dispatch date when you checkout and we’ll get it sent out for the specific date you choose.

What should I write then?

Here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for… it’s up to you! Of course we have plenty of pre-set ways of how to write a birthday card, including birthday messages for you which are sure to go down a treat, but remember, no one knows your friend, relative, loved one, mother-in-law like you do. Make sure whatever you write feels authentic and as if it has come from you! Feel free to adapt our suggestions and switch up the wording to make it sound more like your own voice and language.

Unique Birthday Card messages

Check out our favourite sincerely original and brilliantly funny unique birthday card messages below. We hope you like our selection of how to write a birthday card. We have tailored these messages so that they are appropriate for the current lockdown and social distancing climate in the U.K. Remember our humour is tongue-in-cheek and we do like to push the boundaries sometimes. If your birthday card recipient is the same then happy days. If not, you could always just stick to the classic ‘Have a great day!’. It should also go without saying. Don’t forget to include ‘Happy Birthday!’

How to write a birthday card… brilliantly

  • Remember that time you did (insert embarrassing anecdote), well that was (insert years) ago!
  • I look forward to your birthday every year, so I can spoil you like you deserve! Unfortunately, this year I’m not allowed out the house, so you’ll have to make do with this card
  • I genuinely cannot remember how old you are but I do know we have the best laughs
  • You’re much too young to look this old! Happy Birthday!
  • This year has been crazy and full of surprises… one of the biggest ones was finding out you are (insert age) – you look way older!
  • Let’s meet up for a ‘virtual’ pint from the comfort of our own houses – at least then we’ll be able to find our way home
  • It’s your birthday! Time to stay home and celebrate!
  • It’s your birthday so that means cocktails! Let’s have a quaran-tini or three
  • It’s your birthday! Following government guidelines you should stay home, stay safe and get sh*itfaced
  • Congratulations on becoming a quaranTEENager!
  • I’m glad we are in a nationwide lockdown so I don’t have to make up an excuse to not go out for your boring birthday drinks
  • You’ve got what you’ve always wanted, to stay at home doing nothing – Have a happy lockdown birthday

A personal message is important

In these times of social distancing, lockdown and general uncertainty, nothing can be more certain than the importance of close connections with friends and loved ones. Writing a personal message cements this connection. You may not be able to be there in person, but you sure do care enough to give a heartfelt message inside a perfectly picked greetings card. You never know, you might just learn something new about someone just by reaching out with unique birthday wishes. Either way, rest assured that the recipient of the card will greatly appreciate the sentiment.

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