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Birdsong, buds forming on trees, snowdrops shooting up… no, it’s not an episode of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth on Netflix… UK springtime is just around the corner. The season of spring officially starts on 20th March 2021 and we can’t wait. The next day is World Poetry Day – we are celebrating with a selection of 20 best poems for greetings cards!

Spring brings so much joy because it provides optimism. The days get a lot brighter. The days gets longer. New life is birthed. The lambs are frolicking… you get the idea. It’s important to recognise this change in season. Get some much-needed positivity and optimism after the last 12 months we’ve had. What better way to celebrate this change to a hopeful season than with World Poetry Day on 21st March. In this blog we’ve put together some quick poetic verses that are sure to get those springtime smiles in full bloom.  Check our 20 best poems for greetings cards below!

World Poetry Day 2021

Following springtime beauty, nature and poetic scenes, it is no surprise World Poetry day is round the corner. The UN recognises 21st March as a day for poetry globally, for a worldwide celebration of verse. But you might be thinking, why is poetry so special? The unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of the human mind is commemorated by the UN.

“Poetry reaffirms our common humanity by revealing to us that individuals, everywhere in the world, share the same questions and feelings. Poetry is the mainstay of oral tradition and, over centuries, can communicate the innermost values of diverse cultures.”

The decision for 21st March as World Poetry Day was adopted during UNESCO’s 30th session held in Paris in 1999. One of the main objectives of the Day is to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression and to offer endangered languages the opportunity to be heard within their communities.

The observance of World Poetry Day is also meant to encourage a return to the oral tradition of poetry recitals, to promote the teaching of poetry, to restore a dialogue between poetry and the other arts such as theatre, dance, music and painting, and to support small publishers and create an attractive image of poetry in the media, so that the art of poetry will no longer be considered an outdated form of art, but one which enables society as a whole to regain and assert its identity.

20 Best poems for greetings cards

Here at Creased, we love to celebrate creativity and self-expression. We also aren’t averse to writing down short messages and heartfelt phrases. We do it every day to fulfil customers orders with our special handwritten service. It’s super simple to use the Handwritten Card Service when you checkout at Creased webstore. This service is available for every single card we stock. Just specify the text you wish us to write in the card you’re buying before adding it to your basket. Next, we’ll neatly write the card and send it directly to the recipient for you!

If you prefer to write out your own card, we don’t mind either. If you need a little pointer to get the pen and words flowing, we’ve got something for you. In the spirit of springtime smiles and World Poetry Day we’ve chosen the top selection of our very own favourite card poems. Over the years we’ve seen an eclectic mix of card messages to be handwritten in online orders. We hope you enjoy our completely original choice of poetic verses for greetings cards below. From birthdays to anniversaries, from congratulations to Easter, check these sweet messages out. Maybe they won’t win the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature. But they are sure to put a smile on your loved ones face’s. And as spring is about to get into full swing, let’s start with some lovely Eastertime sentiments.

Best poems for greetings cards – Easter

Easter 1
Easter is full of surprises,
Daffodils sprouting, buds in bloom
And plenty of springtime sun
To brighten up your room.

Easter 2
A loving Easter greeting
sent from far away
To let you know you are loved
In the warmest springtime way.

Easter 3
Wishing you a happy Easter
a smiling joyful feeling
With warm hugs sent your way
As new baby birds sing

Fun Easter
Easter is here, what a fun-time feeling
Easter bunnies, chocolate egg hunts, and other tasty things
We are wishing you the very best of times
And hope your long Easter weekend is really rather sublime

Best poems for greetings cards – Birthday

Birthday For Him
On your birthday everyone celebrates
You don’t need to be charming and cool,
No wonder you are smiling and happy today
Because usually you are a tool!

Happy Birthday Chap

Birthday For Her
It’s time for wine and G&T,
Throw your best shapes, be carefree
They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend
But you are that sparkling rock to me

Happy Birthday Girl

18th Birthday
You’ve grown up so quick
I’ve held you since you were young
From when you filled nappy your loads
And when you passed wind stuck out your tongue!
Happy 18th Birthday

18th Birthday
You have come of age so it’s time for celebration
Legally pop the champagne for this special occasion
Live life to the max
But find time to relax
Happy 18th Birthday from your favourite relation

21st Birthday
You can legally buy alcohol in America now
So there really is no need to frown
Only problem is you aren’t in America
You are stuck in (insert hometown) town!

Happy 21st Birthday

21st Birthday
You’ve got it all ahead of you
Hope you dreams and wishes come true
We raise a glass and raise it high
Because your future is set to be bright

Happy 21st

30th Birthday
30 is the lowest big 0 birthday
And not thought of as being ‘old’
Youthfully challenged, yes of course
But still beautiful and bold

40th Birthday
If life begins at 40….
Good job,
Because you’ve got some making up to do!
Probably best to telephone ahead
To say sorry for what your party antics will do!

Happy 40th

50th Birthday
As we get older it’s important to keep reaching for the stars
For one thing…
It keeps your boobs off your stomach

Happy 50th!

Best poems for greetings cards – Miscellaneous

Anniversary to partner
Best friends became partners and that was that
Despite our hiccups we always look past
To better times together
I’m sure you’ll agree
Because you and me baby, we were just meant to be!

Happy Anniversary

Anniversary wishes to couple
Wishing you happiness together today
Wishing you happiness together tomorrow
When we look at you two, true love is what we say
You won’t be needing that wedding dress again
Is it available to borrow

Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations on passing test
You passed, congrats,
Well done, molto bene, bien joue
There’s just one more thing to say…
You are the BEST in every way

Congratulations on new job
Dreams do come true,
They even put a man on the moon,
But I never thought someone would end up employing you!

Really well done, we are super proud of you really!

Get well
It’s no fun when you are feeling crappy
I just want to give you a big hug, hold you tight and make the pain go away
I’m sending you this message of hope, to bring in a better day

I was wrong,
I didn’t see it along,
There is nothing else to say
Except I’m sending apologies directly your way.

Wow, you treated me
I can’t thank you enough
Sending you a lovely card
To say you are truly loved

We hope you enjoyed our fine selection of fruity poems for greetings cards. For loads more card poem for personal use, you can check out Verses 4 Cards. This is a super helpful website to give you inspiration for those poetic messages.

See you soon in Spring

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