Funny Birthday Cards For Getting Old

Man holding his back becaus ehe is getting old - funny cards for getting old

As soon as you leave your twenties and turn 30, everything seems to change, you don’t seem as young as you once were.

You and everyone around you are settling down, having families and getting married. As this age is when you realise your beloved youth is now over.

It’s time to grow up!

Well, you may be getting older, but you shouldn’t let that define how you are feeling. Because we’re sure you are still feeling 21 inside?

Maybe you have already gone through a 30, 40 or 50-year-old milestone and you want to have some fun with ridiculing someone else for growing old.

Each of these milestones deserve big celebrations! You’re getting old, what’s not to be happy about?

We’re going to divide our list into sections, first up will be for anyone turning 30!

Funny 30th Birthday Cards

Turning 30 means one thing, you’re officially not young anymore.

The wrinkles are slowly kicking in… be prepared, because they will get worse. Something you should definitely warn your recipient about… Especially if you are over 30 and have some experience in the getting old sector.

So here goes, some funny 30th Birthday cards you can use to mock your recipients age.

First up, is something we have all done and you will do increasingly over the next few years, which is lie about your age!

Start lying about your age - funny 30th birthday card

It’s got to be done, especially if you are dating at the moment…

From 18, our faces and bodies change a large amount, especially if you’ve had kids. You certainly don’t look the young self you once did.

In fact, we’re sorry to break it to you, but it’s very unlikely that look any younger than 30. Even if the cashier did ask for your ID for your bottle of wine you bought in Tesco the other day.

Still look 21 from a distance - funny 30th birthday card

Just like this funny 30th Birthday card, it’s lying, you only look 21 from a distance because they forgot their glasses.

Leading on from you undoubtably looking old. You have this weird thought that everyone who is the same age as you happen to look older than 30? If they look older than 30, you must do as well…

way older - funny 30th birthday card

As you already know, growing old is compulsory, but growing up is optional…

Basically, just because you’re getting older, don’t become boring, live your life like you are still 21, with some exceptions of course.

Growing old is compulsory - funny 30th birthday card

There are many things you should probably cut out at 30, its not cool to be doing drugs anymore. You’re 30, your brain can’t deal with that anymore.

Then again, we don’t want to see you knitting or playing Bowles, you’re way too young for that!

too old for ecstasy - funny 30th birthday card

We all get tempted, but believe us now, it will begin to avoid you…

Avoiding temptation -funny 30th birthday card

What did you think of those 30th Birthday cards? Do you think you will be ridiculing someone with one of our funny 30th birthday cards?

It’s time we travel 10 more years for our funny 40th birthday cards

Funny 40th Birthday Cards

It’s a horrible realisation but it had to happen at some point, you’re beginning to look old…

You have been around for 4 decades, so we aren’t surprised you are beginning to look a bit worn out and old.

It could be the excessive amounts of alcohol for the last 20 plus years…

Weekends did all the damage - funny 40th birthday card

There is plenty that starts to decline once you reach 40 but for the unfortunate men out there, they begin to lose their hair. This could’ve started a while ago, but it would still be impressive if you still had your luxurious locks at 40.

The perfect 40th birthday card for any male who is holding onto his hair… This may be a hard one to choose for, a lot of men go are going bald early nowadays…

At least you still have your hair - funny 40th birthday card

Although your looks may be declining when compared to your younger years, this does not mean you’re “ugly” or “past it” because you’re very wrong.

be bloody fabulous - funny 40th birthday card

Just throw on your favourite outfit and believe you are 21 again…

We just had to throw this 40th birthday card into the mix, it’s absolutely perfect for how we all feel at 40! We are simply old on the outside but young in our heads.

Merely in disguise - funny 40th birthday card

Being 40 years old means that birthday cakes not only make you fat just looking at them, but it’s also impossible to fit all your birthday candles on one cake.

Were gonna need more candles - funny 40th birthday card

At 40, it’s common to talk to your friends or partner about past times when you were younger, bringing back memories from when you were young…

Who remembers this one strange memory?

Buying porn from teh newsagent - funny 40th birthday card

Now it’s time for some 50th birthday cards. Be prepared for half century fun!

Funny 50th Birthday Cards

Half a century! That’s how old you will be when turning 50. Half a century just sounds old. Maybe it’s because you are.

Your recipient will no doubt, not be looking forward to this birthday.

By this point, all you are looking forward too is your retirement… It’s not far off now…

That’s why…

Dog years youre dead - funny 50th birthday card

Did you know, from what we have found on a dog years calculator. 50 would actually be 213 in dog years. So Basically, you’d be long gone. Sorry to break it to you.

It’s impressive that you’ve made it to 50 so…

congrats on your ongoing existence - funny 50th birthday card

By now you are bound to be seeing a few little grey hairs coming through and for the men out there, 90% of you have lost a large portion of your hair…

But hey, at least you have this to look forward too with this funny 50th birthday card…

May you live long and never smell of piss - funny 50th birthday card

You may be getting on a bit, but this doesn’t mean you should stop portraying your once 18 self. It’s time to have some fun! Put the kids at one of their friend’s houses and go and enjoy being 50 with this 50th birthday card.

Prosecco on hte inside - funny 50th birthday card

Or for the men, something more extravagant

Mankini and jagerbombs - funny 50th birthday card

We know ladies, you don’t even want to think about the possibility of this happening. But it has got to happen at some point…

And now is the typical time…

Happy menopause - funny 50th birthday card

What do you think?

Enough to suit your aging friends and family?

If you’re struggling for what to write inside, make sure you check out our 60 birthday card messages to help you out. It features, rude, funny and simple birthday card messages.

Until next time!

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