Does Your Choice Of Cards Indicate A Drink Problem?

As you may have seen through our social media, it was national Vodka day on Thursday 4th of October.

While posting this, we realised (Coincidentally) a huge portion of our lovely customers, seem to drift towards our large variety of alcoholic cards. Why is this, you’re probably wondering?

Well to be quite honest, we can relate to it all. Even the employees here at Creased… Who doesn’t love an alcoholic beverage on the odd occasion?

It seems like a drink can suit almost every occasion. You get a promotion at work… Head to the pub, you have had a bad day at work… have a glass of wine or what better feeling than having a cold refreshing beer in the sweltering sun. That last suggestion may cause some blues from our beautiful, yet short summer of 2018.

Some of us may not be able to go on a 3-day bender like we once could… Due to extreme hangovers that seem to last a good few days. This won’t stop us having our fun though.

This all said, is why our customers gravitate towards our hilariously relatable cards.

Why don’t we start off with you winos?

Whether you are a Red, White or Fizz type of person. We have plenty of cards to suit many different wine fiends.

There’s nothing to whine about with these wine cards – they’re grape! In fact, they’re di-vine; a barrel of laughs, you might say!

99% Chance Of Wine - Funny CardHappy Birthday Wine Drinker - Wine Birthday card






These wine related cards are just hilarious but also very relatable we might say… How about something for Christmas too? You are going to need it to put up with those family members… Alcoholic Christmas cards are fun Christmas cards!

Happy Wine-Mas - Contemporary Christmas Card

Onto the next alcoholic beverage… You spirit drinkers! There is a certain type of person who drinks constant spirits, Cocktails and shots. Usually the party goers…

This may not be for all of us anymore, but we all enjoy a G & T on the odd occasion.

Let The Festivities Be Gin - Funny Birthday CardYou Say Potato, I Say Vodka - Humorous Greeting Card








One thing that the next alcoholic beverage has in common with Christmas, is the weight gain caused…

You guessed it, It’s Beer.

Interesting fact for you, actually… Beer is the third most consumed drink after water and tea!

Us Brits love a good pint, Whether it’s down your local or just a casual beer with a meal. You just can’t beat it. That’s why we stock a nice range of beer-related greeting cards that are perfect for birthdays or with this one… Perfect for any occasion!

Beer Tricks Potter - Funny Blank Card

We aren’t going to stop with the beverage-specific alcoholic cards though! Our range is so huge we have even more to show you.

These cards are a little more general but work just as well (maybe even better).

Are You Drunk? - Humorous Greetings CardGot Everything - Humorous Greetings Card











Each of these cards hilariously describes how you would act whilst under the influence…

We’re currently building up to the biggest season of the year… Christmas!

There are so many things to love about Christmas; The wonderful Christmas cards (that you can check out HERE), presents, good food, Christmas trees and obviously a few drinks…

It seems like everyone seems to be drinking at Christmas time so why not get something relatable for your family and friends!

Hold My Dignity - Humorous Christmas Card

12 Days Of Drinking - Funny Christmas Card







Snooze Christmas - Funny Christmas CardTis The Season To Get Fucked Up - Rude Christmas Card









As you can tell, We haven’t held back on our Alcohol-related Christmas Cards this year. This is just a small teaser of some of the hundreds of funny Christmas Cards we are stocking this year. You can check out our full range of Christmas cards HERE

But that’s it from us this week. Make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @creasedcards. If you would like exclusive news & offers – sign up to our newsletter HERE