Creased Announces Expansion In Brighton!

Hey everyone – we’ve some exciting news to share with you….we can hardly contain ourselves!

We’re about to release a press release to spread this news far and wide, however as always –  you hear our news here on this blog first!

We are moving to a much bigger store in Brighton very soon – and that means many more lovely card and gift products, both instore and online…

In fact, the new place is so much bigger, we will almost triple the amount of card designs we can carry and will start to branch out into a wider range of wrap and gift products – we literally can’t wait!

We’re 3 and a half years old now – and since we opened, we’ve built a firm foundation in both our home city of Brighton & Hove – and in the industry as a whole, through our website.

Buck The Trend Image



And because of the wonderful support and loyalty of our customers, we’re pleased to be able to ‘buck the retail trend’ and push for growth!



So, where and when?  As you will probably know, our current shop is located in the famous Lanes shopping area of Brighton.  We love the Lanes and so we are staying put on that side of Brighton – with our new shop just a few doors away.

The Lanes, Brighton

I’m delighted to have secured new and much larger premises in Brighton – particular given how close they are.   The new place is also more perfectly placed to take advantage of the new Hannington Lane development currently underway here in Brighton.


The new Lane (due for completion in Spring 2018) will attract new people just like you, to our brand and to our exciting mix of cards & gifts.

We can’t wait to get moved and, all being well, that will happen during the early part of August.”

And it is not just local shoppers that will benefit from the move – if you are a web customer then clearly you will soon have an even bigger range to choose from – bigger shop means more products!   I hope it means we can be a greater part of each of your shopping habits – and coupled with our Loyalty Scheme – a great reason to do all of your card shopping with us.

So, between now and the planned opening in early August, I’ll be working through my 2017 backlog of the dozens of publisher submissions we get each month, plus I’ll be spending a very full day at PG Live show on June 6th (the best trade show of the year in my opinion!), before finalising what our much wider product holding will be.  (If there’s something specific you’d like to see stocked, why not leave a comment below and we’ll certainly see what we can do!).  As the owner of Creased, the part of the work I love the most is the product selection and I’m like a kid in a candy shop right now!

Kid In A Candy Shop Creased

So, look out for further news over the course of the next few weeks, as we start to give more information, and if you are yet to discover Creased, why not check out our website or how about joining our mailing list (20% off your first purchase just for signing up!).

That’s all for now – roll on the Summer!

Paul @ Creased HQ

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