Christmas Cards For Work Colleagues You Hate

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Christmas may be a time for peace and goodwill to all but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to send a well-timed retort to work colleagues who may have been getting on your nerves all year round. And, for those of you who are not shy in coming forward and telling others just what you think of their antics to their face, these cards will lend extra weight to your words and give a complimentary two fingers up to the office idiots who should know better than to get on your bad side. However, if you find these cards a little too offensive don’t fret, we’ve also included some more light-hearted Christmas cards that will keep you on the good side of your work colleagues good side – for now!

Yep, welcome to Creased Cards top list of Christmas cards for work colleagues you hate…



You already had enough of that one person in the office (there’s always one, believe us) who is all Christmas cheer in mid-October?  And by this point, you’ve simply had enough?  Well, how about this not-so-subtle hint via a card for them! This cracking Christmas is from our good friends Pheasant Plucker…

It's beginning to feel a lot like Fuck This - Funny Christmas Card



Loud and proud, this brilliant Christmas card from Buddy Fernandez would suit those who are not best known for their delicate choice of language.

Merry Fucking Christmas - Funny Christmas Card


3) Merry Christmas Moody C*nt

Direct, hard-hitting and brazen, this card is one of our favourites from this list. We’re just sad we won’t be there to see their reaction. Who doesn’t enjoy Modern Toss? They are always providing us with these gems…

Merry Christmas You Moody cunt - Funny Christmas Card


While we take no responsibility for any slaps to the face you may receive from acting out the intention of this card, we think it makes a fair point and you can’t blame a guy for trying!

Misteltoe The acceptable face of sexual harrassment - Christmas card


This card is perfect for that colleague, you really don’t want to enjoy their Christmas holidays. Let’s hope they really do have a shit Christmas.

I Hope Your Christmas Is Shit - Rude Christmas Card


A fun take on the 2010 Dutch horror movie The Human Centipede, this card is the perfect expression for your work colleagues who spend their time…literally kissing ass! Hilarious card from Kiss Me Kwik

Human Santapede - hilarious Christmas card



Do you seriously dislike this certain work colleague? Maybe Santa has created a complete new list just for this person… You’ve got to hope so!

Santas Cunt List - Rude Christmas Card








Well that’s our top line up of 2020 Christmas cards for work colleagues you don’t really like. Head over to our next post to see our top 12 secret santa gifts for work colleagues for some fantastic gift ideas for the office Christmas party. Also, click to view our Christmas gift section for some great gift ideas you’ll love.

A Christmas card for someone you dislike isn’t complete without the message on the inside. This is the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch to their Christmas card. Obviously, we want to keep it rude… Go and check out our latest blog on the funniest Christmas card messages. If this is for a work colleague you hate then make sure you scroll to the bottom of the blog post to find the rudest Christmas messages you will be able to find anywhere!

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See you next time and have a great Christmas!

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