Cheeky Chops Interview As Our Star Supplier

If you’re new to Creased Cards and don’t know about our  Supplier of The Month campaign, then .

In late May of 2018 we were chilling out in the beautiful early summer heatwave with a soothing glass of wine, relaxing music in the background and enjoying the sunshine.

Whilst relaxing (err…drinking), we came up with a brilliant idea around showcasing some of our partner suppliers, to help highlight the wonderful work that they get up to, and without who, we wouldn’t be anywhere as unique a business as we are today.

Our suppliers provide us with a range of stunning, funny, creative, rude & blunt cards that give us the most unique and eclectic selection of cards you can find on the web!

And that is how our ‘Supplier of the Month Promotion’ came about…

Each month we choose a supplier to showcase – and whilst doing so, give you an amazing 30% off all their cards for that month.  What’s not to love?!

It has been a massive hit here at Creased during the latter half of 2018, so we have decided – it’s here to stay! 

We have already featured Redback Cards as our February Star Supplier of the month – a supplier so popular, we extended the deal into a good part of March.  So, as we now count down the last few days in March, we thought we would announce April’s Supplier of the Month a little early for you…even more chance to save on great cards.

April’s choice is easily one of our rudest yet…


Cheeky Chops Cards

Cheeky Chops are well known for their extremely rude and edgy humour. If you have ever visited our Brighton store, you will notice they take up a fair amount of our rude wall.

What we love about Cheeky Chops is that their cards are designed in just the way that many of us talk to each other… insulting and offensive! Perfect, really!

Not all of Cheeky Chops cards are rude though…

They also provide us with some of our most blunt and funny cards in our clean section.

They also have a really wide gift range that we currently stock – and they will ALSO ENJOY THE 30% DISCOUNT!!  That includes their iconic Wanky Candles.

Each Wanky Candle features a lovely scent, but (luckily) it’s not what it says on the tin! Each Candle is labelled with a vile ‘something’ which quite frankly you’re unlikely to want to smell –  whilst inside smelling actually very nice. The perfect gift!

Given Cheeky Chops really is a ‘partner’ supplier and we really love them and what they do,  we thought we’d tell you a bit more about them But, rather than a bland old description, however a lovely interview with them inside, so we get an in-depth look into their work and how they ended up writing such things on greetings cards!

We spoke to  Cheeky Chops owner Joanna;

1.What is the background on Cheeky Chops ?

My Sister-in-Law and my Best Friend have their birthday on the same day and I couldn’t find any cards just for them. I come from a sales and large format design/ display background so, I bought some card, fired up illustration and designed a few cards. They loved them and said I should sell them. I listed a few on eBay and Cheeky Chops was born.

2. Is there a story behind the name Cheeky Chops?

Cheeky Chops comes from my youngest Son. He is a cheeky bugger, and the little man for Cheeky Chops is based on him.

3.Why did you choose to go into the card industry?

Well, this it is actually your fault!! I was selling lots online and wanted to expand. I visited Brighton and went into the shop and that was it. I was laughing so much, and it made me realise there is a place for my cards in shops. Later that month I contacted Paul, Creased’s owner and very soon afterwards, Creased was the first retail shop I ever sold my cards into.

4. What would you like to see more of in the card industry?

I love humour, so more humour cards.

5.What is the inspiration for all your designs?

It varies, but generally I pick a person and design an insulting card for them.

6. If you could pick your top 3 Cheeky Chops cards what would you pick?

Best seller – My first card to go bonkers and sell thousands.

Thanks for putting your down your phone – Funny Birthday card for Son

As it is so true, kids are on their phone way too much nowadays…

It’s a trap – Funny animal Birthday card

This one is from our latest range as I just love animals

7. Your plans for Cheeky Chops in 2019?

More designs, more cheeky insults and would love to work with more retailers.

Here at Creased we are very proud to be the first retailer to stock Cheeky Chops and it has been great to see the range expand over the last few years. In our Brighton store it is certainly the area of the shop that gives our customers the loudest giggles. Now you know all about Cheeky Chops, it’d be best to dive in now and see just how cheeky they can get (with 30-bloody-% off!!!)