General News

Cloud Nine Banner 14/09/2018

New Gift Range

You have probably noticed our best-selling range of cards from Redback, The Cloud Nine range. This selection of cards is known for their highly relatable and extremely funny quotes. The range is clearly a favourite for a lot of card buyers… Redback have recently decided to join forces with Transomnia, who have been providing stunning giftware for over 35 years! Their collaboration has taken a leap from Redbacks amazing cards and extended their brilliant range into gifts, home wear and accessories. This means that some of your favourite relatable and... Read More

Huetribe Interracial 20/08/2018

Where are all the Interracial cards?

If you have walked down your usual high street/supermarket card aisles you will realise that most of the cards are extremely generic and all quite dull. But more importantly, you will notice the lack of interracial and LGBT cards on show. It is massively difficult to find any interracial and intercultural couples on any greeting card in the UK. Here at Creased Cards, we are always pushing to have the most diverse and equal greetings cards for any person and any type of occasion. We already pack our shelves with a... Read More


Celebrating Exam Results

Exam season has been and gone… (Thank God). The kids are now waiting anxiously to find out their results. August 22rd for GCSE’s and August 15th for A Levels (University result days vary). Be prepared to be questioning your children on their GCSE results as to what a “3 in Maths” means. We certainly don’t understand… The kids are all probably 10x more stressed than you are. Worrying about if their grades can get them the qualifications they need to get into a uni/college/job of their choice. One way we... Read More

Cardshit Supplier Of The Month 03/07/2018

Announcing our next Supplier of the Month!

Last month saw us launch our new ‘Supplier of the Month’ initiative – and it was a roaring success with much love shown towards our inaugural Star Supplier, Pheasant Plucker.  It is clear our customers enjoyed the wonderful laughs and giggles the cards delivered – as well as the co-supported discount of a whopping 30% on all of them! We are really proud to work with and support developing publishers and so, let’s have one every month shall we?  Clue’s in the title right!? So, for the month of July,... Read More

Retas nomination banner 08/05/2018

Creased is Officially One of the Best Greeting Card Retailers In The UK!

It’s official – Creased Cards is one of the best card retailers in the UK, having reached the finals in The Retas 2018 greeting card retailer awards. The Retas Awards, now in their 14th year, were launched by Progressive Greetings magazine to recognise and reward the UK’s very best greeting card retailers from right across the retail spectrum. All Retas finalists are decided as a result of an industry-wide poll of greeting card suppliers, reps and agents and validated by a panel of experts.   We are delighted to be... Read More

Size Does Matter! We’re Getting Bigger Next Week…

Greetings lovely people! As you may already know, here at Creased Cards we’ve been hard at work setting up a shiny, new (much bigger) store in the famous Lanes of Brighton. We are delighted to now announce that we expect our new store to be open NEXT WEEK! Yes – next week, so… on your marks! Following a late (but welcome) grabbing hold of the keys, we got going on a full gutting of the new premises, and now we’ve already preened and painted the place in our bold and... Read More

Creased Cards Shop Front Pic 29/05/2017

Creased Announces Expansion In Brighton!

Hey everyone – we’ve some exciting news to share with you….we can hardly contain ourselves! We’re about to release a press release to spread this news far and wide, however as always –  you hear our news here on this blog first! We are moving to a much bigger store in Brighton very soon – and that means many more lovely card and gift products, both instore and online… In fact, the new place is so much bigger, we will almost triple the amount of card designs we can carry... Read More

Retas 2016 Winner - Home Counties 13/07/2016

Creased Awarded Top Accolade At Industry Awards

Brighton-Based Creased Cards Receives Prestigious “Best Independent Greeting Card Retailer – Home Counties” Award At The Retas 2016 Ceremony ‘The Retas’ greeting card retail awards ceremony took place n 13th July 2016 at The Dorchester Hotel, London to award the UK’s best greeting card retailers. Brighton-based Creased Cards, received the prestigious award of “Best Independent Greeting Card Retailer – Home Counties” as a recognition of their fantastic development. The awards ceremony of The Retas greeting card retail awards took place on 13th July 2016 at The Dorchester Hotel in London. ... Read More