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what to write in a get well card 07/10/2019

What To Write In A Get Well Card? – Get Well Soon Messages

It is not always easy to find the right words to write inside a get well soon card, especially if it is a bad illness. Classic get well wishes Warm get well wishes Funny get well wishes Rude get well wishes There are a lot of things to consider when writing the card. Firstly, it is important to know if the illness or injury is a bad one. If it is, it’s important to be comforting and supporting but not patronising. We expect they already have a hundred people asking... Read More

Man holding his back becaus ehe is getting old - funny cards for getting old 30/08/2019

Funny Birthday Cards For Getting Old

As soon as you leave your twenties and turn 30, everything seems to change, you don’t seem as young as you once were. You and everyone around you are settling down, having families and getting married. As this age is when you realise your beloved youth is now over. It’s time to grow up! Well, you may be getting older, but you shouldn’t let that define how you are feeling. Because we’re sure you are still feeling 21 inside? Maybe you have already gone through a 30, 40 or 50-year-old... Read More

18th birthday gifts & cards 23/08/2019

18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who is approaching their 18th birthday? This could be a family member or a friend who is entering adulthood… It’s probably time you start thinking about a nice 18th birthday gift & card to give them on their big milestone. 18th Birthdays are typically known as the age where you become an adult nowadays with less emphasis being on the 21st. Turning 21 is supposed to symbolise a higher level of maturity which certainly isn’t true. Take that from me, I still feel 18… Although 21st... Read More


Anniversary Date Ideas With Accompanying Anniversary Cards

Are you madly in love? Or are you stuck with a partner? Either way, you have been together for a period of time which means you must have an anniversary date… Whether you have been together 1 year or 60 years, this specific day of the year is still an important date in your relationship. The anniversary of your marriage or when you first became official should be celebrated no matter how long you have been together. That’s if you remember your anniversary date of course… If you are one... Read More

Goodbye - leaving cards and messages 13/08/2019

What to write in a leaving card?

It is always a sad moment to see a friend or loved one move onto something new and leave you behind. Although you may be sad that they are leaving, you must congratulate them on their new start elsewhere. Leaving work farewell wishes Goodbye messages for your co-workers Funny leaving messages Leaving to have a baby messages What to write in a retirement card Leaving cards can be used for many different occasions as you would expect. The most popular reason someone is leaving is usually down to a new... Read More

Pride history and Brighton Pride featuring pride rainbow flag 30/07/2019

Pride History & A Selection of LGBTQ Cards

As many of you may already know, Creased Cards is based in Brighton and is considered the “unofficial gay capital of the UK” This means we love celebrating Brighton Pride & include a lot of LGBTQ cards within our huge selection of cards in our Brighton Store & online. For those who don’t know, Pride began on 1st July 1972, which was the closest Saturday to the Stonewall riots of 1969. London Pride began as a UK Gay Pride Rally which had 2,000 attendees. As time went along, more people... Read More

lets taco bout it - funny puns blog 26/06/2019

15 punny cards and funny animal, celebrity & food puns

Puns, Puns, Puns… Timeless and always awfully hilarious. Puns are extremely popular, with banter and humour being so accessible with the popularity of social media. Our timelines are filled with funny memes and puns. In case you are confused on what a “Pun” is then we will explain it to you… A pun is a joke that exploits different meanings of a word. So, in other words, your reaction will most likely be a giggle followed by “That’s a good one” If you know who we are then you will... Read More

funny cards for pet lovers 13/06/2019

12 Hilarious Pet Cards

How many of you get cards for or from your pets? If you don’t, your pets may be missing out on all the fun! You don’t have to have a pet to get involved in the fun. We have plenty of cards which feature pets. These sorts of cards could be perfect if you have a friend or member of your family with a pet that they are obsessed with or it could be for the opposite… they hate something that their pet does and one of our cards suits... Read More

What to write in a birthday card - Cupcake 28/05/2019

What to write in a Birthday card?

You’re struggling for what to write in a Birthday card aren’t you? Well, you probably wouldn’t be here if you had already written it. So, you must be sitting, staring at the 10th birthday card you have bought this year already. Wondering whether you should put the same message in this card as you have done in the last 9 cards. Don’t be that guy/girl! It is boring and looks like you have put no effort into the Birthday card, especially if you bought a generic, unexciting card from your... Read More

Fathers day messages and tips 23/05/2019

Father’s Day Messages, Dad Jokes & Tips

Father’s Day is coming on June 16th, 2019! Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day wasn’t actually created because of religious or traditional reasoning. Instead, Father’s Day was started by the Americans.  Our friends from across the pond created the day to show appreciation for all Dads across the world. This day started back in 1908, becoming a long-lasting tradition for so many countries. Dads secretly love Father’s Day, no matter how much they try to brush it off like it’s not a big deal. This year you have got to make... Read More