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Posting Dates for Christmas 2020 – find out the Royal Mail deadlines this year

Welcome to our Christmas Posting Dates 2020 blog post – a place to find out exactly when your cards need to be in the Royal Mail post box ready to be delivered in time for 25th December! What with the general uncertainty of shops being open, massive queues at the post office and most weekdays blurring into one, we thought you might like a clear list of last Christmas posting dates for this year, within the UK and internationally. A few of the things we’ll cover in this article are:... Read More

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Lockdown laughs – how to keep smiling through lockdown

Welcome to our Lockdown Laughs – how to keep smiling through lockdown blog post! In this article we are going to take a look at some of the ways we can remain positive, boost our wellbeing, get those grins showing and support local independent business. Meet our new local artist and her range of brilliant cards Have a laugh with our Lockdown Laughs section The importance of supporting independent businesses The ‘C’ word… Christmas is just around the corner Find out why sending a card means so much to many... Read More

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Bonfire night celebrations – facts that will make you sparkle

Welcome to our Bonfire Night blog post! In this article we are going to take a look at what bonfire night celebrations are all about and even learn about the largest bonfire festivities in the world, which take place in Lewes in Sussex, just down the road from the Creased Cards store in Brighton. Why we celebrate on 5th of November? How Bonfire Night has become a calendar event in the UK Bonfire night celebrations in Sussex Firework reactions with brilliantly funny greetings cards Before we get started with all... Read More


How to write a birthday card with a personal message

In this article we’ll cover the basics of how to write a birthday card. Also, how to leave a lasting handwritten birthday message in a greetings card. All too often we are asked at Creased, ‘I want to write something that doesn’t just say “see you soon”’ or ‘you have such hilarious cards, but I never know what to write in them… have you got any ideas?’. Yes, we have and we want to share them with you! Read this article to find out what to write, after you’ve chosen... Read More

Survival tips for Christmas 12/12/2019

Christmas Preparation & Budget Tips

Are you completely relaxed and prepared for Christmas? No, of course, you aren’t, none of us are… Don’t let all the stress get you down because it will all be worth it in the end (We hope…). With the correct Christmas preparation, you can do everything you need without getting stressed! We have compiled a Bear Grylls like survival guide to help you get through the festive season… Whether it’s the irritating drunk relatives or just the sheer fact you have to spend your own money on other people, we... Read More

Christmas wishes 06/11/2019

What to write in a Christmas card?

Are you always stuck on ideas for what to write inside your Christmas cards? We’re the same! Here are the recipients we cover in this article Classic Christmas card wishes Christmas wishes for Brother & Sister Christmas wishes for parents Romantic Christmas Wishes Funny Christmas wishes Rude Christmas wishes Whether you’re sending a Christmas card out to a load of work colleagues or maybe it’s a special Christmas card for a family member or loved one? Either way, we always purchase a card and then sit there without a clue... Read More

Christmas Banner for Blog (1) 11/10/2019

Why Do We Send Christmas Cards?

Modern Christmas cards date back to 1846 and a man called Sir Henry Cole, yet he is just one of the many minds that have brought about the concept of Christmas cards over the last few thousand years.  So, why do we still send them? Looking briefly at the history of Christmas Cards helps us understand their place in today’s world… Exploring the History of Christmas Cards The Chinese and the Egyptians had the original idea of sharing greetings via written messages – mainly around New Year’s celebration at first... Read More

what to write in a get well card 07/10/2019

What To Write In A Get Well Card? – Get Well Soon Messages

It is not always easy to find the right words to write inside a get well soon card, especially if it is a bad illness. Classic get well wishes Warm get well wishes Funny get well wishes Rude get well wishes There are a lot of things to consider when writing the card. Firstly, it is important to know if the illness or injury is a bad one. If it is, it’s important to be comforting and supporting but not patronising. We expect they already have a hundred people asking... Read More

Man holding his back becaus ehe is getting old - funny cards for getting old 30/08/2019

Funny Birthday Cards For Getting Old

As soon as you leave your twenties and turn 30, everything seems to change, you don’t seem as young as you once were. You and everyone around you are settling down, having families and getting married. As this age is when you realise your beloved youth is now over. It’s time to grow up! Well, you may be getting older, but you shouldn’t let that define how you are feeling. Because we’re sure you are still feeling 21 inside? Maybe you have already gone through a 30, 40 or 50-year-old... Read More

18th birthday gifts & cards 23/08/2019

18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who is approaching their 18th birthday? This could be a family member or a friend who is entering adulthood… It’s probably time you start thinking about a nice 18th birthday gift & card to give them on their big milestone. 18th Birthdays are typically known as the age where you become an adult nowadays with less emphasis being on the 21st. Turning 21 is supposed to symbolise a higher level of maturity which certainly isn’t true. Take that from me, I still feel 18… Although 21st... Read More