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What to write in a congratulations card?

Well done! Smashed it! Total legend! You rock! Clever Cloggs! There are just so many ways to say congrats. That’s why we’ve put together this list full of things to write inside a congratulations card. So, whether you after something to say a very heartfelt congrats on having a first child, well done for passing a-level exams or nice one for smashing a job interview. We’ve got you covered. If you already know what message you want to write… congrats! But you will need a congratulations card to write that... Read More


Wedding Fails – 29 big day funnies

Welcome to our Wedding Fails blog – 29 wedding fails that are bound to make you smile. The past year has seen tight restrictions and limits put on weddings thanks to COVID-19. So, it’s safe to say the only fever we want is wedding fever right now! From July 19th in the UK there are no legal restrictions on the number of people that can attend a wedding, civil partnership, reception or celebration. This is great news for all those couples who have been gagging to tie the knot! Although... Read More

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Get the 20 best short poems for greetings cards!

Birdsong, buds forming on trees, snowdrops shooting up… no, it’s not an episode of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth on Netflix… UK springtime is just around the corner. The season of spring officially starts on 20th March 2021 and we can’t wait. The next day is World Poetry Day – we are celebrating with a selection of 20 best poems for greetings cards! Spring brings so much joy because it provides optimism. The days get a lot brighter. The days gets longer. New life is birthed. The lambs are frolicking… you get the idea. It’s important to recognise this change in... Read More

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Independent business insights – ways to innovate and keep smiling

The UK economy has suffered it’s largest annual fall in modern records during 2020. Small independent businesses and shops had been particularly affected by the lack of passing footfall in 2020. Who else better to talk about how to succeed in our current economy than our very own Head Honcho, Paul Jarman, Creased business owner. Paul has managed to keep our small independent business afloat during the lockdown despite having to close Creased physical store in the Brighton Lanes. How has he done this? The government’s flexible furlough scheme, shifting... Read More

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Mother’s Day 2021 – How to make Mother’s Day marvellous

Next up in the lockdown occasion calendar is Mother’s Day! We hope you were able to share some special moments with your loved one/s this Valentine’s Day and enjoyed our Lockdown Love blog – but now it’s time to turn our attentions to all the brilliant mothers and mother figures out there with our Mother’s Day 2021 blog – full of marvellous gifts and cards to make their day super special! This year’s Mother’s Day falls exactly 1 month after Valentine’s Day. So you should have had time to fill... Read More

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Lockdown Love – Keep Valentine’s Day 2021 romantic during restrictions

There is a lot of things we aren’t loving at the moment at Creased. Not seeing our family for a big Sunday Lunch. Meeting our friends in the Lanes for a catch up. Fancy dress Zoom quizzes. The current restriction situation we find ourselves in is making it difficult for us to share a physical connection. But it’s safe to say one thing is important, the health of our loved ones. The people we love are the most important to help us get through hard times. But when the hard... Read More

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Don’t Let Lockdown Get You Down – Reasons to smile with Creased

Welcome to our Life in Lockdown Blog! We aren’t going to sugar-coat it; the new lockdown restrictions are pretty challenging. People from all backgrounds and situations are being hit by the impact of government restrictions put in place to combat the COVID-19 virus. We wanted to share with you some of our favourite small businesses who always deliver a fantastic service and continue to do so throughout this lockdown phase. And if you are after a card or two to commemorate a lockdown birthday or want to send a get... Read More

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Happy New Year – The Creased Guide to 2021

Happy New Year from Creased! To celebrate the new year we have put together a small guide on 2021 – welcome to our The Creased guide to 2021 blog! 2020 is a year we are glad is behind us, but there is still lots to do to make 20212 a brilliant year. It all start with making small changes though, everyday habits that will help to make your 2021 special. From getting fitter, being more sustainable, to staying safe amidst a health pandemic. The Creased Guide to getting organised Being... Read More

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How to recycle and upcycle your Christmas cards

Welcome to our ‘Where to recycle Christmas Cards’ blog! If you were inundated with cards this Christmastime (hopefully from Creased), you might be wondering what to do with them after the 25th day of December is done? Maybe you have just simply thrown your surplus cards in the trash without a second thought. But if you think about it, these cards have potential to live a new life as something else, or even another Christmas card next year. We aren’t suggesting scribbling out the recipient’s name or tipppex-ing out a written message. Instead, this blog will help you... Read More