Announcing our next Supplier of the Month!

Last month saw us launch our new ‘Supplier of the Month’ initiative – and it was a roaring success with much love shown towards our inaugural Star Supplier, Pheasant Plucker.  It is clear our customers enjoyed the wonderful laughs and giggles the cards delivered – as well as the co-supported discount of a whopping 30% on all of them!

We are really proud to work with and support developing publishers and so, let’s have one every month shall we?  Clue’s in the title right!?

So, for the month of July, we are pleased to announce our Supplier of the Month is…

Cardshit Logo

Cardshit (Pronounced Cards-hit of course) is a team of potty mouthed people who love design and who feel obliged to print what people are really thinking!   The minute we heard that, we knew they were right up our street…!

Cardshit really don’t hold back on their thoughts; with cards centred around statements such as “It’s not me, It’s you, You’re a cunt” and “Happy Birthday Baby Dick” –  downright despicable, yet brilliant.    As well as having the crème de la crème of offensive cards  Cardshit also do a huge variety of amusing cards that won’t make you (or the recipient) blush quite so much.

The lovely team over at Cardshit are born & bred in Wales (insert requisite sheep joke here!) but are now based in London, superbly supported by their fiery ginger cat intern. The business began 18 months ago with a very similar outlook to us, here at Creased – greeting cards are so much better when they create a reaction (good/bad)!  We’ve been stocking their product almost since they started, with our shop being one of the first to carry their cards – and we love them!

Check them out yourself here on this blog post – here are few teasers…

Making Birthdays Great Again - Humorous Birthday Card By Cardshit



Donald Trump and his most famous phrase remixed to suit the perfect birthday card! Along with a brilliant cartoon illustration of Donald trump (thankfully NOT in his birthday suit!).

How could this card get any great-er? (get it!?)




Cat-Ass-Trophy - Humorous Birthday Card (Cats Are Twats Range) By Cardshit



A brilliant card that Creased’s customers absolutely love. A perfect card for anyone who needs a giggle after being a little depressed over getting older…

The pun and illustration are just so on point!





Hope Your Neighbours Arent Cunts - Rude New Home Card By Cardshit




How many of us actually like our neighbours?? We expect there is a large majority who don’t.

Neighbours can be anything from weird, annoying, loud or maybe just kill-joys. Let’s hope they aren’t cunts.




Rainbows Were Black And White - Humorous Birthday Card By Cardshit



A brand new card into the Creased Cards store! Super relatable and extremely funny for all you oldies. Quick tip… People don’t like to be reminded that they are getting old, Get them this card to wind them up but also make them giggle.





Now, the next one has a ‘really rude’ warning against it.  Only scroll down if you are sure you can handle it!








If Only Your Dad - Rude Birthday Card By Cardshit


This card is just downright disgusting, rude and something you would (hopefully) never want to imagine in your life.

Extremely offensive and we love it!  If you don’t get a reaction from this card, then the person you are giving it to is dead and you need to be looking in the sympathy section.




So, that’s just a small smattering of our new Supplier of the Month, Cardshit.  Don’t forget that on these – and all the Cardshit cards we stock – you get a stonker of a discount right now over at Creased Cards – 30% off.  No code, the discount is automatically applied.   Have fun looking through all of their ranges.