Announcing Our New Supplier of the Month Promotion!

Here at Creased we pride ourselves on working closely with publishers across the land to get the best cards – those that can’t be found in all the other run-of-the-mill card shops!

To highlight the work we do and to give a massive shout out to the publishers who, without their creativity, wit, wisdom (and sometimes profanity!) we wouldn’t be the retailer we are today, we’re launching a brand new feature – our Supplier of the Month (SOTM).

Each month we will feature one of our partner suppliers, highlighting the cards and products r that they bring to our wonderful range.  To say thanks to them (and to all you lovely customers!), we’ll go one step further –  we’ll be offering a stonker of a discount – 30% off ALL the featured supplier’s cards and gifts.

So – drum roll please….!   Our inaugural Supplier of the Month is…

Pheasant Plucker

The (often, very) cheeky cards with attractive graphics are a firm favourite in our Brighton store and on our website.  The girls at Pheasant Plucker are always coming up with new and creative ways to bring smiles with a bit of cheeky innuendo or pushing that line a little further with cards like their best sellers ‘Happy Birthday You Camp Little Sausage’ and ‘Happy Birthday You Old Tart

Eva and Sara are the ladies behind the Plucker cards. Based in Bournemouth they started whilst Eva was at Uni – creating straight to the point cards, with (and we quote) “Usually a Gin and Tonic in our hands”.

They range from the silliest of puns to some that are so blunt and rude they are sure to make you blush when buying them. Perfect for the recipient that isn’t easily shocked.

Happy Birthday You Old Tart - Humorous Birthday Card



This hilarious card is one of the best sellers here at Creased Cards for an obvious reason – it clearly suits so many of you! This card is simply an insult made sweet with a lovely little dessert.




You Camp Little Sausage - Humorous Birthday Card



Take the mick out of your friends with this hilarious card – easily our bestselling Pheasant Plucker design in our Brighton store. The perfect birthday card, you camp little sausage!.


Happy Birthday You Gorgeous Human - Humorous Birthday Card





However – not all of Pheasant Pluckers’ cards include an insult. We can guarantee, you will be making someone smile with this lovely card which comes with a perfect complement. Make sure the words inside are as loving as the ones on the front.


Enduring Your Farts - Humorous Birthday Card





This card is a perfect buy for that other half who has makes you put up with those disgusting farts 24/7. You question your love daily whilst having to endure these farts. Battle through!


You Cunt - Rude Birthday Card





One of our Favourites. Super Offensive. Simple yet Hilarious! Is there a better way to insult someone on one of their “best” days of the year than a really offensive greetings card.





So, head on over to our Star Supplier page to see the full selection of Pheasant Plucker cards – ALL AT 30% OFF.  No code needed, no special terms, just a great discount from one of our favourite card ranges!   Valid throughout the whole of June!

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