8 Actually Funny Birthday Cards

Love them or hate them, cards remain a central part of the birthday tradition. Increasingly people are turning away from tired, cliché-ridden cards and towards fresher, funnier designs. Not every Birthday card has to be ‘bad’ – it can be delightfully tacky, downright offensive and coincidentally, quite funny.

Today we’ve delved into the darkest corners of our site for a look at 8 of the funniest cards we love which are sure to get even grumpiest of sod’s sides splitting.

Jokes about someone’s age provoke a variety of reactions. When you’re 12 and it’s your mum’s 40th birthday, you’ll likely find a card about her age hilarious. She will most likely not. If you’re going to bring attention to someone’s age, the key is to be clever about it so they can’t be too cross.

One Year Closer To Death Greeting Card


This macabre take on aging is great for fans of dead-pan humour, and a great choice for your friend who is panicking about turning 30 without the Facebook engagement pics to prove it. Just maybe don’t send it to your widowed Grandmother, yeah?



We’ve all received birthday cards from friends and family ‘signed’ by pets. It’s a nice thought, but is sometimes followed by the somewhat dark realisation that despite them going to such trouble on your special day, you still love the pets more than them. Though we sense they’ll know that already…

Tosser - Funny Greeting Card


For animal lovers, this card offers a witty take on the furry friend card theme. The purrfect gift for that friend with a miserable moggy, or for that family member who loves their cat a bit too much and needs to be reminded who really belongs in the will.


Emergency Birthday Card (Belated Greeting Card)



If you love sending funny birthday cards but are terrible at remembering dates, you might rely heavily on social media to jog your memory. But if you see it’s a close friend or family member’s birthday on Facebook, chances are the opportunity to get a card to them in time has long since passed.

Why not break the ice with a belated card acknowledging the fact you’re so awful, or perhaps go one step further and use a card to dismiss the importance of a birthday card altogether – even you horrible lot who don’t like birthdays can get involved, so there’s absolutely no excuse.


Borrow 20 quid Birthday CardHere at Creased Cards, we’re a big fan of Modern Toss. With a range of witty and unconventional cards for every occasion, they’re the perfect choice for those with a general distaste for generic birthday gifts.

Some of their best cards are far too rude to print here, but this effort is a firm favourite of ours… Perhaps you can send it to your Dad and ask him for the £2.75 it cost you to buy it?


Crows Feet 50th Card


Has your Mum decided to grow old not-so-gracefully? Has your best mate tried to smooth her crow’s feet and come out looking slightly more ‘Joan Rivers’ than ‘Pricilla Presley’? Let them know you still love them and their temporarily incapacitated face with this tacky-yet-charming card.


And finally, we think this card speaks for itself. Maybe your friend forgot your last birthday, or got you an offensive card that hit a little TOO close to home. Maybe you just really, really don’t give a toss and want them to know about it. So much so that instead of avoiding birthday celebrations altogether, you’ve got them a card to show just how #bothered you are. How apathetically on-brand of you, you absolute stitch.

First Fucking Card I Saw Greeting Card

These and loads of other actually funny cards can be found online at creasedcards.com

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