7 Different Dads to buy Father’s Day cards for

We are coming up to Father’s Day soon – June 16th 2019,  In case any of you don’t know! Dads can be extremely difficult to buy for sometimes, especially with every dad seeming to be completely different. Today we are going to help you by finding the best Father’s day cards for different types of dad.

First – and probably most common, The Dad who is absolutely obsessed with sports.

He will watch anything from; football to cricket to Formula 1. He may not be able to pull off that same skill he claimed he did in a football game back when he was 17, but he will still brag about it like you actually believe him. This Father’s Day Card will be perfect for this type of Dad.

Sportsman - Fathers Day Card

This Dad is almost certainly up there with the most common dads The ‘Beer Drinker’

This Dad will constantly have a beer in his hand: Family gathering, Beer in hand. Sports event, Beer in hand. At home chilling, Beer nearby. This Fathers Day card absolutely perfect if that matches your dad’s description. We also have these exact fathers day cards for the very best wine drinker and whisky drinker! So if a beer isn’t your dads favourite, then we have other alcoholic options to help you out this Fathers Day.

To The Very Best Beer Drinker - Humorous Fathers Day Card

We are pretty sure this next type of Dad on our list, will cover a large percentage of the Dads out there.

This Dad thinks he is Lewis Hamilton when it comes to driving, no matter what car he is in. You can usually tell if you have this kind of dad because your Mum or Grandma will hold that little handle above their head whilst he drives.  This very relatable Father’s day card may just be perfect for your racing driver Father.

Top Gear - Fathers Day Card

This next card may be a little edgy but we are sure he will love it…

Does your Father work a high-powered office job? Is he prone to occasionally ‘letting off steam’ in a somewhat unprofessional manner?  We’re sure that if you implied that his clients can cause him minor irritation from time to time this wouldn’t bring on an episode. Definitely not. Better not send him this one, then.

Executive Burnout - Modern Toss - Humorous greetings card

This next type of Dad is almost all of our Dads…

The Dad who thinks he is a comedian!

This usually comes in the form of painful Dad Jokes that you have to laugh at because they are just so dreadful.

This card by Jelly Arm Chair perfectly channels all Father’s poor humour. We guarantee he will find this funnier than any other funny Father’s Day cards.

If you want to give him even more of his own medicine, make sure you check out our Father’s Day messages which feature 25 not so hilarious Dad jokes!

Ears one funny fathers day card dad jokes

The Brighton Dad.

This card is limited to Dads living in Creased’s wonderful hometown of Brighton.  This really adds a lovely touch of personalisation to the card for anyone living in the Brighton area.

P.S. We don’t offer any other locations except ‘Hove’.  So, perfect for all you “Hove actually” people out there. (The real card says Brighton and not Cheshire!)

Best Dad In Brighton - Unique Fathers Day Card

Last but not least, The DIY Dad.

This Dad will try to do every single piece of DIY – and generally fails every time – apart from putting together a little IKEA shelf, by which time he thinks he’s some type of DIY god.   After failing at everything else, there is no doubt he will end up calling someone in to fix not only the main issue but the added issues he’s caused. Check out the DIY card that is linked below!

DIY Fuckwit - Hilarious Fathers Day Card

Okay, we have finished the 7 types of Dads but we had to stick this one in, in case you have the balls to try to pull it off. How about completely risking it and getting an extremely rude fathers day card? In perfect Creased Cards style. We sell some of the rudest, most offensive Fathers day cards on the web.

Let’s face it, our Dads all get on our nerves and hopefully if you have a good relationship with your dad he won’t react badly to one of our hilariously rude father’s day cards. Check out this hilarious one from Cardshit!

Sorry I Wrecked Mums Vagina - Funny Fathers Day Card

Okay, Okay. We may be done with our top 6 Dads and a little bonus one above but we can’t leave this one out!! If we forgot it, What would the dog be getting dad for father’s day this year? No need to worry, we have got you covered. This is a brilliant Fathers day card from the dog, by our brilliant new publisher Angela Chick

Happy Fathers Day From Your Dog - Humorous Fathers Day Card From The Dog

These wonderful Fathers Day cards plus many, many more are available from creasedcards.com