12 Hilarious Pet Cards

How many of you get cards for or from your pets?

If you don’t, your pets may be missing out on all the fun!

You don’t have to have a pet to get involved in the fun. We have plenty of cards which feature pets. These sorts of cards could be perfect if you have a friend or member of your family with a pet that they are obsessed with or it could be for the opposite… they hate something that their pet does and one of our cards suits them.

Did you know 49% of UK households own a pet?

That’s a massive number of Pet-related cards that could be given!

If you are part of the 51% that doesn’t own a pet, here are some things you could do to help some of the abandoned pets which can’t find homes.

  • Donate Blankets, toys or food to a shelter
  • Volunteer at a shelter
  • Assist elderly or ill people to care for their pet
  • Adopt a pet from a shelter
  • Donate to an animal charity such as the RSPCA

Our pets are usually our partners in crime, they are always around no matter what.

Here at Creased, we notice the importance of our pets and they are included in a huge variety of our cards. Whether it’s a Birthday card from the dog or maybe just a rude card including your pet.

We have such a huge amount of pet-related cards here at Creased, we thought we would make a list of our 12 favourite pet-related cards.

Let’s start with the card from our pets…

Our pets count as a member of the family don’t, they? Why should they miss out on the fun of giving someone a card for their Birthday or Christmas for example?

1.    Let me lick your face

Let me lick your face - funny card from the dog

Dogs get extremely excited about everything, you could walk in after popping to the shops for five minutes and they will act like they haven’t seen you in 10 years… Jumping all over you, licking you.

Hence the creation of this card. It perfectly shows how dogs would act if they genuinely knew it was our birthday.

2.    Thank you for carrying my poo

Thank you fro carrying my poo - funny birthday card from the dog

Us Humans are seen to be the superior beings on earth, yet we walk around looking after our pets like they are Kings/Queens.

Just to put this into perspective, imagine if you had someone giving you constant company, feeding you and carrying you poo around for you.

This card is easily one of our best-selling cards here at Creased!

3.    Now Feed Me Worthless Servant

Now feed me, you worthless servant - funny birthday card from the cat

Leading on from the last card…

Exactly what we were saying, our pets must see us as their servants. Cats especially…

All they do is lay around all day sleeping for around 16 hours per day (True fact). And when they come calling for food, we just give it to them.

And what do they do when they do manage to go outside? They go to other peoples houses and take all their food…

4.    Thank you for emptying my litter tray

Thank you for emptying my litter tray - funny birthday card from the cat

This Birthday card from the cat is perfect for all cat lovers. The cute little paw inside adds a personal touch. You could even add the cat’s real paw if you decided to go through the effort.

5.    Thanks for picking up my shit

Thanks for picking up my shit - rude birthday card from the dog

We obviously had to include the rude versions… Sweary card. Everything is better when a swear word is included don’t you think? Probably not if this is going to a child though.

6.    Fuck off and leave me alone

Now fuck off an dleave me alone - rude birthday card from the cat

Cats can be miserable sods sometimes… All you want to do is stroke them, but they are just so rude.

We just know this is exactly what they would say if they could talk to us.

Although we do a great selection of cards from your pets, we do also do a huge amount of hilarious pet related cards. With our most impressive ranges coming from Cardmix & Cardshit.

Check out a few of their funny pet cards below!

7.    The Prewash

The pre wash - funny dog related card

Have you ever caught your dog doing this? As soon as you leave the tiniest bit of food around, they onto it. We don’t feed them that, badly do we?

Let’s hope the dog doesn’t clean the plates completely and you end up reusing one of them. What a disgusting thought.

8.    The Dogs Doodahs

Youre the dogs doodahs - Funny Birthday card

A less rude representation of “The Dogs Bollocks” … and we all know what that means, don’t we?

If you live under a rock or just aren’t from England, then you might not understand. The Dogs Bollocks is a British slang term which means the best or excellent. Which was created due to Male dogs licking their privates…

If you know some who is the dog’s bollocks, this card could be very suited.

9.    A day with the family

Day with the family - Funny pet related card

This card perfectly shows the modern family spending some loving family time together. Dogs must feel so left out nowadays, being replaced by technology and getting no attention from us humans.

10.    Tosser

At least the cat loves me - Tosser - Funny cat card

Are you feeling lonely? Feel like the cat is your only friend? Well, you thought wrong because the cat hates you too. Find a new friend.

11.    Cat-Ass-Trophy

Cat ass trophy - Funny cat birthday card

Okay, this might not be the sort of image you want to be imagining when you think of your cat. But that doesn’t overrule how funny this pun is!

What a cat-ass-trophy it would be if your cat did become a stuffed trophy.

12.     Toilet

Toilet - cat card

Cats spend 80% of their time laying down… and they will find every awkward position possible to lay down on you or near to you.

Heavily relatable card for all cat owners.

That brings our list of funny pet cards to an end. What did you think? Will you be getting your pet involved in Birthdays now? Let us know below!

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