18th Birthday Gift Ideas

18th birthday gifts & cards

Do you know someone who is approaching their 18th birthday? This could be a family member or a friend who is entering adulthood…

It’s probably time you start thinking about a nice 18th birthday gift & card to give them on their big milestone.

18th Birthdays are typically known as the age where you become an adult nowadays with less emphasis being on the 21st. Turning 21 is supposed to symbolise a higher level of maturity which certainly isn’t true. Take that from me, I still feel 18…

Although 21st Birthdays are still one of the biggest milestones out of the ages. 18th Birthdays have taken over due to turning 18 being a bigger deal and so many kids today are more grown up at 18 – Well they like to think so…

Turning 18 is massive deal, kids go from doing everything illegally, to being able to do it at as much as they want without punishment – From the law that is.

Some of the big changes that happen include legally purchasing alcohol & cigarettes, getting tattooed, buying fireworks and watching an 18 rated movie.

All those things, we expect your 18-year-old recipient has been doing for years anyway.

Now onto what you’re here to see, 18th birthday gift ideas!

18th Birthday Gift Ideas

Each gift idea is going to be partnered with one of our brilliant 18th Birthday cards, this sorts you out for everything then!

Be warned, this list will vary in price, starting with the cheaper 18th birthday gift ideas.

1. Money

This option is simple yet boring, it’s their 18th Birthday, make it special for gods sake… The only perk for this gift is that you will have to put it inside a wonderful 18th birthday card.

All things considered, money for an 18th birthday is not a bad idea. They will most likely spend it on their first big legal night out!

Of-fish-ially 18 - funny 18th birthday card

2. A Rude Mug

They are 18 now, stop treating them like a child. Every 18-year-old would appreciate some vulgar language first thing in the morning.

Lord Cuntington - Rude 18th Birthday mug
Todays mood - rude 18th birthday mug

3. Alcohol – and lots of it!

We can guarantee 90% of 18-year-olds will be drinking on their birthday. Make sure you prepare them with the very best alcoholic choices.

Beer, Wine & Vodka are the most popular options with teens.

18 today! Let's get battered - Funny 18th birthday card

4. Jewellery or clothing

 This option is a risky one, no 18-year-old wants to be dressing like an old person.

For this reason, we suggest only go for this option if your recipient has specifically given you the product that they want (Try and get the link to the website as well). If they have not given you the specific product, don’t buy it!

It’s very likely the teen will pretend they like it but never wear it.

Another option would be to purchase gift cards. Some popular shops for young people are:

5. Event Day Out

Hang gliding

This could anything from a spa day out or a day paintballing. Although, If you are paying for multiple people, this can really add up in price.

A good place to find ideas like this would be Groupon! Each voucher can perfectly fit into one of our 18th Birthday cards.

in 365 days you will be 19 and no one will care - funny 18t h birthday card

5. Technology

This is always a good option with technology nowadays. Technology completely runs youngsters lives nowadays. What 18-year-old would turn down some technology?

Options for technology can vary in Price depending the product, you could go big with a new phone, laptop or tablet or go for something more affordable with earphones and other little gadgets. – Amazon is perfect for this…

6. Pay For Their Birthday Party

This option is simple, they are going to want to party, it’s their 18th birthday… This gift would also help you out if you are a parent.

Why is it helping the parents you ask?

Your 18-year-old son or daughter is no doubt, going to ask to have a house party for which you will refuse and they wont be happy. The best solution around this would be to pay for them to have their party in a local hall or club.

7. A Holiday

This could be perfect if your child has just turned 18. You can fly them off somewhere and have some time to yourself… Sounds good to us.

This is at the expensive spectrum of our list but that is why we have put it last!

Depending on the time of year, Here are some good holiday destinations for 18 year olds:

  • Amsterdam
  • Ibiza
  • Thailand
  • Prague
  • Zante
  • Barcelona

What did you think of that? Has that given you any ideas on what to get someone for their 18th birthday?

If you’re buying a gift, you must include an 18th birthday card. It’s the rules… and if you are out of messages to write inside, we have 60 perfect birthday messages for you.

Here are two of our favourite cards for an 18th birthday:

18 Yay! Adulting! - Funny 18th Birthday Card
Time to take over the world - funny 18th birthday card

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