12 Of The Funniest Christmas Cards On The Web

Christmas is often a very stressful time of year for a lot of people. The expectation to satisfy everyone with the presents they would love to have leads to money being very tight over the Christmas period.

Although this is one of the biggest factors, there are hundreds of reasons to be stressed over the festive season. We won’t list them all, otherwise, this blog post won’t be done until the new year…

Luckily for us, our funny cards keep us entertained constantly & remind us to be cheerful. This is how we can also help you guys from being miserable sods leading up to Christmas. Not only do we want you to be constantly giggling whilst in-store or searching our website, but we want you to pass this onto your recipient through our funny Christmas cards.

You’re probably wondering why not just get your friends & family a classic “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” card?

Because… IT’S BORING!

For how many years have you been opening your Christmas cards and completely ignoring the card because it was just plain & simple? Way too many! We know how this feels and we are quite fed up with it. Hence why Paul started Creased Cards to bring laughter to Birthdays & Christmas’ again…

Since our opening in 2013, we have been constantly extending our already hilarious range of funny Christmas cards & this year is our best yet!

While we are on the subject of funny Christmas cards… We think those silly personalised Christmas cards with someone’s face being printed on the front are just downright cringey & no one enjoys receiving them. For an example, don’t be sending out Christmas cards with an image of you and your partner laughing or posing onto a reindeer’s head. This is old-fashioned and extremely cringey.

Go for something actually funny…

We thought you stressed shoppers might need a cheering up, so here are our 12 funniest Christmas cards of 2018!

1) Mary Christmas

Mary Christmas - Funny drag related Christmas Card

This funny Christmas card is designed by the outstanding Lowe & Behold. Lowe & behold is very well known for his brilliant Drag related cards. Each card features a drag character of his with a punny name to top it off.

Lowe & Behold designs right from the heart of Brighton, adding a unique touch to our wonderful range of cards & he definitely hasn’t held back with his Christmas selection…

2) Despaaaacito

Despacito singing elf - Funny Christmas CardRemember that irritating song by Justin Bieber which was overplayed constantly on the radio? Well yeah, you can now irritate your friends and family by reminding them of the ever so catchy chorus & get it playing on their mind throughout Christmas day.

This humorous Christmas card will definitely get your recipient giggling or wanting to strangle you by getting it stuck in their head.

Either way, you or them will be having a laugh this Christmas.

3) A. Partridge  In A Pear Tree

Alan Patridge In A Pear Tree shouting aha! - Funny Christmas cardAHA!

Do we need to say much more? Alan partridges famous quote just fits so well on Christmas card? If you don’t find Alan Partridge in a tree shouting AHA! Funny then you must be too young to understand because this was pinacol in the rise of Steve Coogan’s weird uncle like character – Alan Partridge

If you are too young, buy this for your parents or older friends, they will brilliantly appreciate it and find it extremely funny. Here’s a little reminder of the AHA!

4) Cheeses Of Nazarath

Cheeses Of Nazarath - two cheeses with halos & beards - Funny Christmas cardWe were originally going to only stick this in our top 5 Food Pun Christmas cards… but quite honestly, this card is way too funny to not put into our funniest Christmas greeting cards of 2018.

This is a hilarious twist on that Jesus Christ guy, switching the original “Jesus Of Nazareth” for Cheeses? Funny right?

Cool fact for you as well, Cheeses of Nazareth is also a cheese convention held in the city of Nazareth in the USA.

5) Family Tree

Turns out none of us are related. Can we go home then? - funny Christmas cardHow irritating are your family members at Christmas? Very! is probably the answer you’re thinking. This funny card perfectly illustrates how it would be if you found out you were not related…

We know deep down you do love your family, but this would still be a great one to send to those family members. We’re sure it’ll get a laugh!

6) Don’t Feel Special

Don't Feel special ive got a whole pack of these - funny christmas cardSome people really seem to gain a bit of an ego when you go out of out of your way to buy them a card that has a special meaning or relates to that person. Which is really good! Obviously? Cards that relate to the recipient become funnier but sometimes you need to give off the “I Don’t Care” sort of vibe.

How better to pull off the half-assed front than this fun Christmas card?

7) Happy Birthday to me

Jesus Happy Birthday To Me - Funny Christmas card

Jesus is actually quite selfish, we would all love an international holiday all because we are born? But it doesn’t work like that does it?

We all have a huge day of spreading joy, cards & presents all because this guy was born, it’s quite amazing when you think about it…

Anyway, happy birthday Jesus enjoy your self-indulged day all about yourself

8) Wasted In Winter Wonderland

Wasted in winter wonderland - funny christmas card

Christmas is a very boozy season… We definitely understand this.

Brighton is filled with hundreds of messy Christmas parties in the run-up to Christmas along with one of our own of course…

Outside of Christmas parties, the overall joy and excitement for the big day leads to many budget nights out along with heavy drinking on Christmas & Boxing Day itself.

Unfortunately, we won’t have the winter wonderland type of weather, but I guess that just means we will have another drink to help get through the rain & cold.

9) Noman

Noman - melted snowman - funny chrsitmas cardWhat do you call a snowman without the snow?…

This funny Christmas card is pretty self-explanatory. We can guarantee your recipient will open it and automatically giggle and say “oh that was a good one” – This symbolises that it was an awful lot like a typical dad joke.

But dad jokes aren’t funny you may be thinking? But oh yes, they are, we only try and make out they aren’t because they come from our dads… Hence why you’re laughing at this card

10) All I want for Christmas is you

All i want for christmas is you preferably naked - funny christmas card

I bet that title reminds you of that massively famous Christmas song by Mariah Carey? We hope we’ve got that stuck in your head now. If not, here it is! Have fun trying to get that out of your head.

Now back to this Christmas greeting card…

This funny Christmas card is perfect for your other half! They will love the thought of this card, it will really make them feel special whilst also getting a giggle out of them…

Don’t get this card mixed up and accidentally send to a parent or grandparents. This could become very awkward.

You know when we started this, we said it was going to be the funniest cards? We thought we’d give you 10 of our funniest (and clean) Christmas cards. But some of our funniest Christmas cards are pretty rude so we will have to include a couple of our favourites for the last 2.

If you want to see more of our rude Christmas cards you can check them out on our website or you can have a read through our blog on “Christmas cards for work colleagues, you hate”. They don’t have to be for work colleagues, this is just a list of pretty mean & rude Christmas cards… If that’s what you’re into.

11) Jesus Was Born to Save Cunts Like You

Jesus was born to save cunts like you - rude christmas cardIf you dislike the C-word, then look away now. Now all the boring people have left.

How many people do you know who would suit this card perfectly? You can probably think of quite a few c*nts who you could send this Christmas card too.

P.S Be careful with who you send it too, some people may get offended.

12) Fuck This

Its beginning to feel a lot like fuck this - rude christmas card

This is probably how a lot of you are feeling in the run-up to Christmas… Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon!

Well, that’s it! That is the 12 funniest Christmas cards on the web. You can find the full selection of rude & funny Christmas cards over on our website. If you would like to see more CHristmas related content, we have 2 amazing blog posts to help you out this year. We solve your card writing issues with our Messages & Jokes post but we also give you top tips on surviving Christmas 2018.

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