10 Things you must not do on Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. This celebration of love is going to need weeks of planning and execution if you want to succeed.

Being romantic and figuring out what is best to do for Valentine’s day can be extremely tricky. It can often leave you with a completely blank mind on what on earth you are going to do, leading to rash decisions which cause the DON’TS for Valentine’s day.

Working for Creased cards means we get to see & speak to a lot of people during the season. We see way too many people who just go in all guns blazing, without thinking about what they are going to do. We even get loads of people buying their Valentine’s cards on the day itself.

That is just the unprepared people that come in, let alone the long list of people who tell us their plans for Valentine’s day which we just have to bite our tongue and just say “Oh that’s a nice idea, they will enjoy that” while inside we are wondering how this person has even got a spouse with ideas like that.

We even have people coming in bragging about their relationships or even people complaining about being single. This leads us to the first 2 DON’TS for Valentine’s day.

  1. Stop Bragging about your relationship

Reality check, No one cares!

Stop going around bragging about how you an your loved one have been together 4 years and are still madly in love and constantly talking about them. There is more to your life than your relationship. We get it, it’s Valentine’s day but we don’t want to hear about how you and “Doris” met back in 2010.

Unfortunately, in this day in age, it’s even easier to brag about your relationship due to social media such and Facebook and Instagram. This is especially relevant when going out on your Valentine’s day dates. Just think about the single people out there, this will be like rubbing salt in the wounds. At the end of the day, we don’t care & the salty single people certainly do not want to see that. This leads us onto the second DON’T for Valentine’s day.

  • Stop complaining about being single

We get it, It’s not overly nice to be single on Valentine’s day while all your friends are receiving beautiful Valentine’s cards & expensive gifts, while you’re left watching The Notebook crying into your bed covers. Again, it’s a similar theme to bragging about your relationship, no one cares that you are single. Well unless they want to slide into your DM’s (For the older population, Sliding into your DM’s means messaging you through your direct messages), and even then, they are probably just a massive creep!

If you are complaining about constantly being single for Valentine’s day, then maybe you should try a little harder in getting a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Get up off your ass and stop complaining, go and meet your other single friends and get absolutely smashed instead. Just fill your day with something that will keep you busy instead of whining about being single.

Now we have got the complaining out of the way, it is time to get down to the serious issues on what not to do on Valentine’s day. You should avoid each of these if you want to have a successful day of romance.

Bunk off work and eat sweets in bed - funny Valentine's card
  • Don’t break up with someone

We know, this one seems like common sense… But you would be surprised at the number of couples who do break up on Valentine’s day. It’s just not a good idea. Imagine someone broke up with you on the most romantic day of the year, and now every year after that, you have the bad memories of being dumped on what is supposed to be a happy & romantic holiday.

If you are going to break up with someone around that time, either do it before the day (so that you can also save yourself a bit of money on presents and dates or just wait until afterwards where it will be much safer.

  • Don’t forget

This is yet again something that is so simple yet so common. We have seen this from hundreds of people over the 5 years of us being open. You will have people sprinting through the doors on February 14th searching for a card whilst holding a bunch of flowers after completely forgetting it was Valentine’s day.

The first and something without reason why you must not forget about Valentine’s day is something without it is a huge celebration of love. Think about how you would feel waking up and giving your loved one their card and gift and they turn around and tell you that they forgot. It’s embarrassing something without and your loved one will certainly not be happy with you.

Secondly and very important, is that if you forget and leave it until the very last minute, we can guarantee that we would’ve sold all the best Valentine’s card designs and you will be left choosing something you may not have chosen if you would’ve remembered. This goes hand in hand with choosing gifts, you won’t be able to find something that your other half would love if you have left it till last minute.

If you are worried you may forget about Valentine’s this year, then make sure you follow us on social media & sign up to our newsletter to receive reminders that Valentine’s is approaching.

  • Don’t be overly cringey

We see this a lot. Yes, Valentine’s day is a time for showing your romantic side and the appreciation for your loved one. But please do not go overboard. It’s getting a balance that is so important.

You should be able to figure out what is cringey yourself. Just get the romance balance right and you will be fine.

  • Don’t send an anonymous card

Whilst we are on the topic of Valentine’s cards, do not go around sending anonymous Valentine’s cards. Simply what is the point? It’s creepy more than anything. If you really do like this person, then tell them!

Stop being a little wimp and just tell them how you feel, put your name inside the card.

I love you almost as much as i love myself
To the person I see more than my bloody eyelids

  • Don’t talk about your ex’s

This is a massive no go! Sometimes you can mention something  without meaning too but on Valentine’s day you will have to be extra careful. This day is all about your current Girlfriend/Wife/Boyfriend/Husband etc.

Bringing up past times that you have experienced with your ex could cause your loved one to get jealous and possibly even create an argument. Not something you want on Valentine’s day, right?

Although you may not be the person bringing up the awkward past, if they do, then try not to make it a big deal. You can go over this another day.

  • Don’t go over the top with the date

It can be very tempting to go all out and plan an extravagant date for your loved one for Valentine’s day. You may go for an overly expensive meal or even a holiday away? Although these are all lovely, don’t break the bank trying to impress & treat your other half just for one day of the year.

We are sure they would much rather you saved it so that you two could go on a few dates here and there instead of one overly expensive one.

The other issue with organising extravagant dates is that if you are grown up with a job and kids, these plans could change at any minute, so be prepared to lose any deposit or be slightly let down when they cannot happen.

The best thing to do is organise something that both you and your spouse can enjoy together without leaving your wallet empty. If you want a few nice suggestions then check out this amazing list of 25 creative valentine’s date ideas!

  • Don’t give them a generic card

This goes without saying really? Especially with us, we doubt you will be able to find a generic card anywhere on our shelves, but this tip is still important.

You need to find something special, funny or relevant to your relationship. Relevancy in Valentine’s cards makes them extra special. Luckily for you, we have loads of funny Valentine’s cards and beautiful Valentine’s cards that could perfectly suit your loved one.

The reason you don’t want to be going for a generic Valentine’s card from your local Tesco or post office is that they just look like you haven’t put any thought or effort into it. Which is especially important on Valentine’s day?

Although the card is massively important, what is inside is just as important. This is where you can make it personal to your other half. If you are struggling with what to write, then we have over 45 Valentine’s messages for your card. You can find loads of loving and funny message ideas to include in your card.

You can find a wide variety of many unique Valentine’s cards over on our main site!

For the last tip on what not to do this Valentine’s day, we are going to include some very small things that are just very important.


Firstly, when it comes to your dinner or even foods that you eat earlier in the day. Make sure you don’t eat ANY garlic at all. Your other half doesn’t want to move constantly avoid you because you stink. Simple, just think about it before you eat it.

Secondly, don’t do the same thing or get the same card that you have done before. It just shows you have put in no effort at all and It really wont feel special at all. Put some time into thinking about what you will do on Valentine’s day, the gift and of course the card you bought her.

Lastly, it’s something we don’t usually suggest but try not to get too smashed… You don’t want to be ruining Valentine’s day for your loved one. If you have made it this far into the blog being single then you guys can go and get smashed. Why not? You’re single?

Thanks a lot for reading through our tips on what not to do on Valentine’s day! Make sure you don’t forget your Valentine’s card this year. We have huge range of Valentine’s cards that come in many unique styles. You can find out our 10 really rude Valentine’s cards along with the whole collection over on our website.



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