10 Really Rude Valentine’s Cards

We specialise in humour cards here at Creased – and we also have a pretty extensive range of cards which might be just a little too much for some of you…

This is where we dig deep into the darker side of our collections. Rude Valentine’s cards are often very sexual and usually very offensive.

But this is perfect for relationships though? Why you’re probably wondering? You are probably used to treating your other half  with love on Valentine’s day. Usually going for a traditional boring card? Are we right?

Well this why don’t you switch it up? Most of our other halves really get on our nerves at times so why don’t you remind them how irritating they are with one of our offensive cards?

Or if you’re feeling a little naughty then how about a card that features a sexual innuendo? It may even get you some brownie points… If you know what we mean…

But anyway if you are like us, and want to steer away from the typical Valentine’s cards? Then we definitely have something for you!

Be warned, this may get offensive. Let’s dig into our 10 really rude Valentine’s cards for 2019!

Let’s start nicely and ease you into the ruder Valentine’s cards…

1. Best Fucking … Ever! – Rude Valentine’s card

Rude cards don’t always have to be nasty, sometimes you may just want to say something nice using some rude words? Well, we don’t think they are rude because we use them in our regular vocabulary but hey ho

Here is the very best card to show your loved ones how you feel with a little vulgar language…

P.S. this card comes with Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, and Wife which is below.

Best fucking wife ever - rude valentines-card

2. Trying To Woo You – Adult Valentine’s Card

Don’t take tips from the guy in the card! We reckon your other half may just burst out laughing if you walk in with your dad bod looking all unflattering. So we advise not, but if you’re willing then go for it, it may work out okay…

Trying to woo you - rude valentines card

3. Romantic Walk

The thought of a nice romantic walk on Valentine’s day always seems good, until you realise it’s just you two doing exercise in the cold, missing your favourite TV shows… Rushing back will probably cause a little argument and ruin the ‘romantic’ moment.

Oh well, it’s all worth it to catch those bargains!

Romantic walk - funny valentines card

4. Any Chance Of Anal? – Sexual Valentine’s card

you’ve been together for a while now and there is only one step left… No, it’s not marriage, it’s anal and as it’s a special occasion it might work out…

Worth an ask isn’t it?

Any chance of anal rude valentines card

5. Let The Pink See the Stink

This is a very dirty twist on Paddy McGuinness’ iconic catchphrase’s he uses on Take me out… We also do a hilarious “let the pork see the pie” Valentine’s card too.

let the pink see the stink - rude valentines card

6. Wine, Dine & 69

Planning out your dates for Valentine’s day has got to be done with execution. The classic option is dinner with a bit of wine… The 69 might come later.

If you’re struggling to plan for Valentine’s day, make sure you check out our 10 tips on what not to do on the romantic day.

wine dine and 69 - rude valentines card

7. On my Fucket List

You know these types of lists actually exist? People seriously have a list of people they want to sleep with! Maybe this Valentine’s day is the time for you to tick someone off that list… Good luck!

On my fucket list - rude Valentine's card

8. Happy Valentine’s you sexy bitch!

Backhanded compliments are the best. Especially when they are rude… We also have one you the guys in “Happy Valentine’s you sexy bastard“.

Happy Valentines you sexy bitch - rude valentines card

9. Sorry I farted

Right, this is just disgusting, this needs more than just a small apology on a rude Valentine’s card we think… We do think this is very funny though…

sorry i farted - rude valentines card10. Before you go go

A hilarious twist on the wham! classic…

wank me off before you gogo - rude valentines card

Before you go go, If you are struggling for ideas for what to write inside your Valentine’s card this year, we have over 45 Valentine’s messages you could include in your card. Make sure you check them out!

We hope you liked those rather lovely rude Valentine’s Cards however we don’t just do rude stuff.  In fact, we don’t even just do funny cards – we also have some really rather lovely and cute stuff…go have a peek on our main site.  It’s easily filterable and searchable so it really can help you find that perfect card.

Have fun this Valentines.

Paul @ Creased HQ

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