Celebrating Exam Results

Exam season has been and gone… (Thank God). The kids are now waiting anxiously to find out their results. August 23rd for GCSE’s and August 16th for A Levels (University result days vary). Be prepared to be questioning your children on their GCSE results as to what a “3 in Maths” means. We certainly don’t understand…

The kids are all probably 10x more stressed than you are. Worrying about if their grades can get them the qualifications they need to get into a uni/college/job of their choice.

One way we find that relieves a little stress is by agreeing on some sort of cash reward for their grades. (Be careful to not bankrupt yourself with this idea). Or simply just by being nice as possible leading up to results day (Ass-licking them a bit).

If you choose the reward road then we have a few congratulations cards that can be used to enclose the reward…

Brightly Coloured Well Done Badge Card (Pinata Range) - Unusual Congratulations Card


The great thing about this congratulations card is that it can be used for all exam results; GCSE, A level and a graduation. This high quality and vibrant card comes with a stunning enamel pin.

From our friends over at Redback Cards



You Only Went And Ruddy Did It - Funny Exam Celebration Congratulations Card



This one is simple but shows great support for their accomplishments. Also, a less rude version of another card…



Sometimes we find congratulations cards can be a little too nice and soppy. Ehh not everyone wants to know how good they are all the time. Give them a congratulations card that acknowledges their success but instead of all the soppy stuff, instead of giving them a little abuse at the same time??

Still Ugly - Humorous Well Done Card



This is what we like to see. Far more offensive and not soppy.





OK, That’s enough of our nice(ish) congratulations cards. Let’s get onto the more A Level and Graduation cards. By this we mean, the more rude and hilarious cards. By any means get these for GCSE results too but we found they are more suited to the young adults…

Walking, Talking, Stephen Hawking - Funny Congratulations Card for Exam Results


RIP to the late Stephen Hawking.

Now we got that bit out of the way, how hilarious is this card?? This card is perfect for those know-it-alls, who go and get B’s and over on all of their exam results.

Cardshit are well known for their extremely rude cards, and this is up there with the best. (remember for the whole of July we are doing 30% off all their cards!)



If you have been to Uni, towards the end you know, you usually become a bit of a dick (if you weren’t one already).  So, this card is perfect for any graduate.Dick With A Degree - Congratulations Card for a Graduation

That’s the end of our brilliant range of congratulations cards for this blog. Make sure you check out the full selection on our website.

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