7 Birthday Cards For ‘Getting Old’

Like it or not, even your friends in their 20’s have likely begun the slow process of decomposition otherwise known as ‘ageing’.   Lovely!   However, like most rational people, they may have successfully repressed this. Why not remind them with a witty (albeit potentially soul-crushing) birthday card?

What better way to bring an excitable birthday boy or girl back down to ground than by reminding them of their past failings or inevitable slide towards the grave?

20 something birthday cardDecomposing Birthday Card








Of course, not every humorous birthday card has to be quite so dark – why not help your loved ones embrace the joy of renewed life with a reminder of how they came into being.

30th B Day - Unprotected Sex Card



And at what better age to remind your friends of the sex their parents had to conceive them than 30 – the very age at which they may have begun bringing new life into the world themselves?

Happy Birthday indeed!



Still Got Your Hair 40th Birthday Card


Turning forty is a sensitive topic for many. Thankfully, a range of birthday cards on offer can make light of an otherwise tense card and present-opening situation. This card for men turning forty can act as a reminder that it’s not all bad as not every quadragenarian does in fact still have their hair. So, count your blessings!




Twenty Years, You'll Be Sixty


And if you’re feeling slightly more provocative, this effort is sure to leave your friends and family laughing. Besides, 20 years is ages… right?






Porn at the newsagent greeting card

For those of you that feel like ruffling a few feathers at your next birthday, these somewhat more incendiary birthday cards are sure to raise a few smiles, if not a few eyebrows, at your nearest and dearests’ next celebration.

Nothing embarrasses your older siblings and mates than a timely reminder of their misspent youth. This card will remind the recipient and their loved ones of what they used to fritter their pocket money away on before the days of free internet porn. Ah, innocence!


And finally, sometimes simplicity does it best.Getting Old Mother Fucker

This card is distinctly unsuitable for all ages – while the wheelchair may suggest an older target audience, the ‘colourful’ language renders this one a controversial choice more suited to the younger generations. This card is sure to raise plenty of laughs and ensure you’ll be the victim of revenge when your next birthday comes around!




Of course, not everyone shares the same sense of humour as those of us with a penchant for a rude birthday card!   Head to https://www.creasedcards.com to find cards, gifts and laughs for every recipient and occasion.



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